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250 4 stroke dirt bikes

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  • 250 4 stroke dirt bikes

    mates looking to buy a 2nd hand one for a bit of WE fun, looking at the CR-F, WR-F and KTM 250 exc, quick question, what year was it that KTM brought out the dedicated 250cc mill and did away with the sleeved 450cc motors the original 250cc 4 stroke mill were based on?

    scoped a exc 250 out down causeway, all the rfruit and electric start, sweet looking ride.

    Any owner feedback on above bikes much appreciated.

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    Go the CRF, the KTMs have a horrible rear suspension geometry.


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      crf's have horrible valve wear, hope he knows how to check valve clearances if ur mate gets one of them
      B19 Oakford V.B.F.S


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        Ive given him the run down on valve etc, and its not a xr400 type maintennce schedule. he'll probably ride it once or twice a month averaged over a year.


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          For Sale 2007 KTM Motard Learner Legal!! - Perth Street Bikes

          This one comes with all the offroad gear, tool kit, manuals etc.
          Also goes REALLY well. My opinion may be biased but I had a mate with an 07 CRF250F and had no end of problems with it. Build quality is better with the KTM but then I guess the prices reflects that.
          Dont think most of us would be good enough on the bike to be able to tell the difference in rear end geometry as it must be good enough for the factory riders.


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            I have had a CRF250 for a few years. great bikes!!
            Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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              I've passed on the advert details to my mate, do the 07's run the electric leg as well?
              i take it the 07 was/has the revamped 250cc motor?
              sweet bike


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                Yes would have thought so, and has electric start.