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Spraypainter/paint repairer suggestion

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  • Spraypainter/paint repairer suggestion

    Hi Guys -

    Any suggestions for a good spraypainter/paint repairer near town?

    I've noticed a few 'burn' marks which appear to be on the clearcoat. Looks like it might have been packing straps that have left marks on the tank.

    You can only see them when looking at an angle in direct sunlight - but it's really annoying.

    I've tried a bit of hand-buffing with polish, but it's not getting it out... Hopefully somebody with the right kit can just buff the clearcoat and get it out (it's not through the paint)....

    Cheers all.

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    go and see simon at m/c panel and paint....cant recommend him highly enough. had something similar on my blackbird and simon was able to sort it out...


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      +1 on motorcycle panel and paint.

      Straightline2ten your motorcycle and motor car repairer for smash repairs

      insurance or private work, plastic welding,resprays, restoration and classics

      dianella 93703770