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White speed/street triple (PCEC) - leaking fluid

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  • White speed/street triple (PCEC) - leaking fluid

    Looks like it happened when you arrived and selected neutral. I'll post pics in a bit but it seems to be just water?

    Bit of oil on the bottom of your engine case too but not enough to hit the floor.

    Cheers Rhino
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    CrapPhone pics...


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      Cheers Rhino, that's Myka's bike, I'll tell her to check it out.

      Was just serviced this week, maybe someone didn't seat a hose properly or something.

      Edit: Or they overfilled the coolant..
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        Cool cool.

        I had a quick look / browse but I'm a mechanical ninkumpoop.
        Sorry I can't help more.

        The 'trail' does indicate a nice consistent speed and 'angle of attack' to reverse parking though