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Just How Bad is Perth's Driving?

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  • Just How Bad is Perth's Driving?

    Just to set the context of my inquiry. I left Perth in December 1989 and have never been back since. Now that I've finally sold my bastard house my triumphant return to live there again will be January 2010.

    The impression I get from reading the "Name and Shame" thread is that half the driving population have significant cognitive or sensory impairment behind the wheel and the other half is enraged to the point of psychosis with the first half.

    How really bad is the driving compared to other cities? Say, Sydney? I was there last year and it seemed fine. The top two places I've driven that had the most dangerous and unpredictable driver behaviour are Moscow and Tehran. Surely Perth isn't likely to challenge those two?

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    I don't think its that bad. There will always be people that do stupid shit, and dont pay attention, but i think we make it out to be a little worse than it is.

    Merging is pretty bad though.
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      There are always idiots out there, after a while you learn to read the signs.

      I have been trouble free for a few months now, just maybe a couple people cutting me off but no dramas as I had seen it coming. Not as bad as it seems.

      As Semi said... Perth people don't know their merges!


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        I'd rate it significantly below Brisbane... but yeah, a lot of that would be due to the merging ineptitude. There's a bit more of the stupid speeding up so you can't overtake, change lane, etc as well. I figure it's an angry, conceited git thing.
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          I've seen worse but at least the weather here is better than most places for riding.

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            It's crap. Set your expectations low and you won't be too disappointed. But hey, there are lots of other good things to return to.


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              there is nothing wrong with perth drivers just a lot of young riders on here that think they are hot shit and have the right to do what ever they wish on the roads and anyone that gets in thier way is a scum driver


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                G'Day magwitch,

                For every 1000 people in Perth, there about 725 cars.
                This is not only the highest per capita car ownership in Australia but the world.
                And when I passed my driving test, my mate said:" Great you don't have to stop at stop signs anymore, it's just some-thing you have to do to pass your test"

                This is a prevailing attitude. Consequently there are a lot of cars & they all drive like crap. abc123 has hit the nail on the head, adjust your expectations.


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                  Better than Bunbury?

                  Drove into Bunbury on Monday and the first thing I see near Big W is a car turn from left lane right across another car in right lane no indication and a sharp right turn.

                  Go back on Thursday and two damaged cars getting loaded onto tow trucks just before the first round a about and just a bit passed Big W the cars in front of us collide. Two crashes in less than three mins.



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                    The skill level of Perth drivers seems ok, but many are stupid aggressive on the road. The attitude prevails in blocking others from merging, hogging the outside lane and queuing across intersections.

                    In contrast, drivers in Europe are far more courteous and I think this helps improve safety...even in over crowded cities and on freeways where people drive at 150 kph.


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                      Gday magwitch. I suppose Perth is known for its good beaches and bad drivers for a reason.

                      Lack of skill and general awareness of whats going on around them, is the way of a Perth driver. When you get here ride to avoid the cock-ups by staying well ahead of them.
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                        I remember hearing on the news recently about some RAC study or something that rated Sydney males as the worst drivers in the country, I think Brisbane came next. perth was down in like, fifth or something.

                        I have no idea how they came to those figues or what stats they used though.


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                          The worst is house wives in their big-arse 4x4's who cant take a corner any faster then 4 kph and then consistently drive at an inconsistently pace untill you pass them and then they sit right up your arse.


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                            Originally posted by Sooty View Post
                            " Great you don't have to stop at stop signs anymore, it's just some-thing you have to do to pass your test"
                            TBH I don't disagree with your mate, They are really give way signs with more caution, how many people here come to a COMPLETE stop at stop signs when they are out riding by themselves?

                            The way I see it is if I can see that both lanes are 100% clear in both directions, then why do I really need to come to a complete stop before going again apart from it being "the law".

                            Obviously if there is a car coming and it is a close to medium distance away I will stop and let them pass though.
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                              I've had worse, driving in the middle east was a whole shit load scarier than here. Driving in Tehran would have prepared you quite well for Perth.