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Buying used vehicle- License/Rego check

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  • Buying used vehicle- License/Rego check

    I'm after a cheap but reliable car to use while I save up for a shiny new bike.
    just checked out one that seems alright through private sale. I was wondering where it is you can run the rego to check it's not still under finance or somehow suss - if there is such a resource. I remember seeing it mentioned on PSB before, but couldn't find anything via search.

    FYI the car is a '94 Ford Laser Manual, 218,000km, good nick. asking $2700. what do ya reckon?

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    revs is the place to check if there's money owing, um google it?

    as for a mechanical check, well, diy is push down on each corner, yep suspensions ok, check oil , make sure it isnt grey, check rad for leaks, drive it hard lock left and right, no rattles/knocking? cv's are ok then, take it on the freeway, see if it'l do 100k's.check lights horn wiper heater radio, windows wind up and down? sold

    bought a camry outta the quokka for a grand and diy checked it, um, yea, spent a couple of hundred on it ,its got a few dodgy issues but the radio and heater work

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        You need to have the VIN number as well as the Rego number and maybe even the Engine number, so unless you get all that info from the seller (from the rego papers) you aren't going to be able to check.

        At that price though I doubt that it would be under finance


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          I got my old bike at a bargain price, and it was under an encumbrance.

          In mechanical check, include reverse gear.

          Some used manuals are a total biatch to get into reverse, even for a really fit and buffed person such as myself.

          Insurance: organise it over the phone before you give them the money and leave their yard, don't wait until you get home.

          As for the price, there were about a dozen lasers brought out each year, each with different equipment and/or body types, $2.5k - $4k would be a fair price for "good nick" depending on the model and how good.


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            i'd be more concerned about ongoing running costs with an old car like that, see if you've got a mech friend who can come inspect. seems like the revs advice has been given

            good luck!


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              thanks for that. I only got the rego plate tho, forgot about Engine number. doubt it's under finance, but you never know.

              I took it for a quick test-spin today, seems to run well (although I didn't have time to try freeway speeds and reverse gear) and everything looks good after a once-over. and from a quick search, the price seems about average. lets see if I can knock em down to below $2200. I'll keep ya posted. it's been a while since I've been a cager.