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  • Getting old bike on the road

    Hey psb
    Looking at a 1967 BSA starfire, The guy says it can be road registered but he says it never has. So couple of questions
    -is it possible to register it?
    -if it is, is it just a matter of passing pits?
    -would the pits use 1960's spec rules or new rules?
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    my humble opinion is register it thru the historic or vintage club, or join them and seek answers!
    but it should only need licencing to the year as was made and the rules way back when.ryven on the forum could shed more light on your licencing querie?

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      How on earth could a bike that old never have been registered before? Unless of course it has been imported from overseas? If that is the case you'll need the import approval papers for rego, without those don't touch it.

      If not, all you need to do is take it over the pits, and you only have to comply with 1960 rules, which is pretty much nothing. A working headlight, tail light, horn, speedo and at least one mirror (size not important).


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        Or you can give it to me and I'll sort it out


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          Saw a BSA on Leach hwy today,i wasn't sure of the model but just googled it.It was a BSA B50.They were a mx bike but were road registerable.


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            Join the Vintage club or the Historic Competition club. Both have access to vintage licensing which costs about $35 per year. It also means that you are going to have the inspection done by someone who understands vintage bikes, as opposed to a regular inspector who might not completely understand the specialities of a vintage bike.

            Oh, and the knowledge you will gain from the members is worth about a million dollars and a thousand hours of hands on experience or so.

            ^maybe a slight exaggeration, but not much.


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              Doesn't it mean though that you can only ride on club events and the like?


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                Thanks for the replies guys.

                I'm looking at building a cafe racer and this bike isn't really suitable for what i wana do (i presume rare, parts not attainable better kept stock ect)
                Just saw it while driving past so stopped and inquired about it. This one was down in rocko
                Gearshit on the right is interesting to ride with too
                Rekon the guy is asking too much to.
                so the hunt continues
                El skitzo the odo reads 9,000miles pending on how many times round ha
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                  To answer the questions anyway, as already stated, if it's literally never been registered before was it an import? When/why would it have been imported, etc?

                  Vintage registration is only appealing if you want to use it with the club. Is cheaper, but doesn't allow you to just take it out for a ride when you feel like it.

                  As for asking too much. How much is he asking? If it is a classic bike and the kms are genuinely low, it could be worth a fair bit to some people...


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                    No idea if it was an import. He said he got it off an old guy that had quite a few old bikes in his shed. May have been in there for who knows how long
                    He was asking $4800.
                    Weather it is worth that is up to whoever is looking at the time
                    Motorbikes run on fire and air. Its elemental -Matt Kelly