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Any 2005 Ninja (636) bikes out there?

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  • Any 2005 Ninja (636) bikes out there?

    About a year ago I had a bit of a spill on my mates ninja 636. Mostly cosmetic damage to the RH side. I believe I did the right thing by replacing all damaged parts with genuine Kawasaki pieces (5 grands worth ). So it was a dumb mistake and I learnt from it.

    So for sale is some slightly damaged Kwaka parts as follows:

    Front fairing (nosecone) - semi-decent scratch near the top RHS, little crack

    Fuel tank - light scratching, bit of metal putting and handy work will sort it out

    Tail Fairing - Decent scratching but again a decent sand and some paint will make it all nice

    PM me if interested. (I live in QLD so we would have to sus out postage).
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    best use the For Sale section mate