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    Kawasaki ZX10R

    Kawasaki’s ZX-10R liter-class sportbike gets an array of small upgrades for 2010. Although the aim is to offer maximum performance on the racetrack, “the same power and handling that provide such amazing on-track performance also make it more fun for riding on the street,” says Kawasaki’s PR team.

    Inside the engine the 10R receives the same transmission technology used on the 2009 ZX-6R. These internal modifications are designed to reduce play in the shift mechanism and give the rider a more precise feel through the lever. The Ohlins twin-tube steering damper also receives internal modifications for improved performance. A separate spring and free piston were added to the reservoir tube for more damping, while a titanium finish and laser-etched logo highlight the external differences.

    Other external differences include a lighter, single-piece front fairing, said to “reduce the visual weight of the ZX-10R’s front end.” New inner panels also provide a “tidier look” around the handlebar area, while sharper side panels now feature more black in their design, further helping the bike look more compact. This is rounded out with a new muffler that has a dimpled surface pattern, metallic grey finish and a more compact end cap – all aimed to make it look smaller and more “sinister” according to Kawasaki.

    Key New Features:
    • Upgraded ضhlins Twin-Tube Adjustable Steering Damper
    • Upgraded Transmission for Smoother, More-Precise Shifting
    • Upgraded Bodywork for Appearance and Aerodynamic Improvements


    Kawasaki Z1000

    One glance at the ‘10 Z1000 and its plain there’s more than bold new graphics afoot. The styling of the Big Z is dramatically changed. The profile is sharper, more angular, dialing down the nakedness of its predecessor with black bodywork covering the front fork and belly of the design. Perhaps to combat the disparity in popularity of naked designs in American, compared to Europe, where they are often top sellers, Kawasaki has this to say about the new design:

    “A unique blend of Japanese art and technology, the 2010 Z1000’s styling takes a dramatic leap forward with the distinct look of an apex predator. Hunched-down and ready to pounce, its visual impact is much stronger than that of a naked sportbike, or a derivative copy of some Euro trend.”

    But it’s more than the outside that’s been overhauled, the 2010 Z1000 bragging an all-new engine and frame as well. The previous incarnation of the Z1000 debuted in 2007 model year, still featuring a 953cc mill based off the ZX-9. The latest version sports an all-new 1043cc mill. Kawasaki divulged nothing more about the liquid-cooled Inline-Four, except that it’s “quick-revving.”

    A “quick-steering” chassis is constructed out of aluminum, with an “all-new horizontal rear suspension design.” Kawasaki is keeping the other chassis details mum, for now, except that the seat height is promised to be lower than “previous Z1000 models,” the last Z1000 (2008 model) having a 32.3 inch-high seat.

    Making assumptions based off the lone photo of the new Z, five-spoke cast wheels replace the 3-spoke units adorning the predecessor. Also changed, Nissin calipers up front are swapped out to Tokico pinchers, which grab hold of Kawasaki’s typical wave rotors. As for the Z1000’s distinctive four-muffler exhaust system (the 2007-2008 model looked like four mufflers, but was actually dual mufflers with faux caps stuck on the end), we assume it returns, though only a right-side dual canister is visible (the left side being concealed).

    Kawasaki 1400GTR

    It’s the headlining feature of the 2010 Concours 14 – Kawasaki’s inaugural traction control effort mated to its flagship sport-tourer. So, of course, Kawasaki’s teaser blurb delivers no details… Except that it “helps provide peace of mind when negotiating slippery surfaces.”

    Teaming with the KTRC system is the K-ACT II, which, if your mind hasn’t wandered from acronym meltdown, is Kawasaki’s “selectable, sport oriented coactive anti-lock braking system.” The Connie’s ABS “complements the rider’s brake inputs with supplementary force enhancements for improved braking performance on a wide variety of riding surfaces.”

    Touring Amenities

    The Kawasaki PR blurb rattles off an impressive live of new touring perks for the Concours. First a larger windscreen up front and new “heat-dissipating bodywork provides better heat management.” High temps from the engine was one of our few complaints of the Kawasaki in our 2008 Sport-Touring Shootout, so a possible correction is very welcomed. Other revisions and additions include heated grips, new tank bag hooks and a relocated glove box.

    Also returning for 2010, unfortunately, is the irritating KIPASS – a separate key fob needed to turn the big ol’ bike on (as if riders need more things to lose track of). Lighter Handling

    Changes to the Concours chassis include promised revisions to the suspension as well as new Bridgestone rubber, with promises of “lighter handling, improved wear.” Perhaps the changes will rectify reports about the latest C14’s sluggish turn-in and mid-corner handling.

    That’s all the info Kawi has released thus far. Sadly, we don’t expect the 2010 Concours will be ready in time for our upcoming Sport-Touring shootout this month. Stay tuned for more Concours 14 information.
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    Ooher the new Zed looks nice - bit over the top with the fairing, but looks secks still.


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      I agree, looks quite nice, but can't really call it a naked anymore, more like a semi naked, fair bit of plastic on it.


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        Awesome! I'm going to get one of each! Sims Metal are looking for more work at the moment ...


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          They still haven't learnt with the 14. Ugly sucker!

          "Always out-numbered, never out-gunned"


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            Z1000 does look interesting...
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              Originally posted by barfridge View Post
              Z1000 does look interesting...
              Agreed. Looks like something out of a sci-fi flick.

              I'd ride the shit out of it. Love it.
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                I hope santa brings me a Kawasaki 1400GTR



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                  I like how the color match the rearsets on the first two, but if they just changed the radiator to black it would be quite uniform. It's actually fueling my OCD right now.. Damn it!


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                    I reckon they all look shit. ZX10 has been hit with the ugly stick at the front. The z1000 is no longer a naked bike. It looks like a really fat chick with a size 8 g-string, u know, all the fat hanging over it?


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                      Muffin top?


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                        Yeah, an extreme muffin top.


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                          I thought surely by now they'd realise just how ugly their exhausts are.....guess not.
                          Zed thou does look gooooooood tho.


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                            ZX10R doesn't do it for me, at all this year (headlights?). That Z1000 looks hawt however.


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                              Z1000 looks very nice indeed. Mirrors have to go but other than that, nothing really to complain about. Awesome job.

                              I can't beleive they've still got those indicators halfway out on the mirror stalks. WTF? Doesn't look right. Exhaust looks like it's hanging way too low but they're the first things to be junked so no biggie there. On the polus side, the front end looks way better. The headlights don't stick out of the fairing like the last model, looking like the plastic had shrunk in the wash.

                              I'm a bit "Meh!" with the 10 but impressed with the Z.
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