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Looking for my old bike

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  • Looking for my old bike

    Hi guys
    I used to own a GPZ750R [twice] sold it about 8 years ago. Would love to buy it back.Licencing says it is still regoed but thats all they will say.It has personal plate GPZ 750 and is gray and black. If any knows its whereabouts or has any idea how to find it ,would be appreciated
    Thanks Dave

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    I tracked down and purchased my old race bike - 18 years after i last rode it.
    My search was powered by word of mouth & heaps of phone calls.
    Six degrees of separation FTW!

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      Ive never had to do anything like this but if you come along to some rides and speak to people then there is a high chance someone will know something. You could even go as far as making some handouts for people just in case
      I was just raising hell I wasn't doing no harm, the cops could not appreciate my natural charm.