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What is the Law for riding Learners

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  • What is the Law for riding Learners

    Got a road bike after always riding dirt bikes so need to get licence

    Now that the weather is turning nice I want to get out & about more on my bike & practice different road conditions

    A mate has offered to shadow me, ( he has a Tri Rocket) but what is the legalities of it all, as in does he need to wear an L vest or is an orange vest unmarked ok or none needed?

    & am I OK with just a green L vest or do I need L plates on front & back of bike?

    also were can I get the items from? I am SOR any one got old ones I can pick up? or buy?

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    Your shadow needn't wear a vest or display plates. You're a different storey. L plates front & back or L vest is the rule however most just hang a single L plate from the back of the bike.

    As for where to get them, most servo's sell L plates.
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      go to atoms supply or other associated shop

      buy yellow vest

      Draw a L on the back

      should cost you less than a pack of L plates


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        hey picked up some Ls on the weekend, they were less than 4 bucks, had to go to three servos though before i found them....


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          when I ride learners, I tend to squid it a bit; and really they don't go fast enough to require much protection.... don't think that teh police are interested either as long as you don't ride them in a public place... s'pose if you rode one on a country rode with no traffic it would be OK...