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  • a little bit of land

    just wondering if there are any warm hearted land owners out there with a love for dirt bikes and meeting new people (also must enjoy long walks on the beach with sunsets).

    me and 3 friends are situated in rockingham and looking for a place to practice some wheelie's and stuff all low rev range tricks.

    wouldnt mind paying a rent to come in and use a space.

    we are all nice enough people enjoy a ride a beer afterwards

    i know its a long shot but cant hurt to ask

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    ok you dont really havta love the walks with the sunsets..

    but it helps


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      iv got land but u cant use it because im a bad man


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        yeah ok, what a wonderfull forum full of nice people


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          You two could just talk to each other normally...

          You know like face to face...

          Or should that be...look in the mirror...


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            wouldn't it just be easier to pack 'em onto a ute and find a patch of dirt up pines way or even kwinana to practice? I've been there a number of times four wheel driving and there are stacks of places where you can ride and not interfere with others (if thats why your looking for private land?)


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              I used to be in Pinjarra a few years back... never had many problems finding sizable areas with great surfaces, no residents, no ranger patrols. Get on google maps and look somewhere south east from you... see all that dark coloured shit stretching down to collie? that means no houses ... I dunno exactly where I used to go, it was found by experimentation and before google map days

              hint: stuff with 'lake' or 'dam' in the name are good places to start looking. not sure what access tracks are like currently, but with a dirt bike you can make your own access pretty much... btw, before you've found a suitable route/area, always take a gps, phones with reception (ie. telstra), extra water, be aware its snake season, etc (aka use common sense)