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Rear Facing Multicashregisters

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  • Rear Facing Multicashregisters

    Just a little heads up to all , if you see a Multicashregister on the side of the road , on the opposite side thinking its catching on coming traffic while your heading the other way , well they get both lanes as i found out .
    Got my rear plate ( on the cage ) , this happened on a two lane road , not sure how far they shoot if it would cover 3 or 4 lanes but keep it in the back of your mind ppl's !
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    Re: Rear Facing Multicashregisters

    There is one now entering the tunnel southbound


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      ^ just passed it. Still there. Also window washer at geh exit
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        sneaky bastards...

        i wouldnt think they could go across a multi lane hwy though... if so i'm f*d
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          Originally posted by chrisso View Post
          sneaky bastards...

          i wouldn't think they could go across a multi lane hwy though... if so I'm f*d
          The limiting factor would be the photo and whether it could make out the plate and if there is more than 1 vehicle in the photo then you could contest it :o
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          Originally posted by Phildo
          Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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          i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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