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OK, people who want GLOBES need da numbers and $ this Friday

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  • OK, people who want GLOBES need da numbers and $ this Friday

    OK for everyone that wants the bright globes, we need numbers and cash this Friday. We'll meet up with everyone Friday night, 8pm, at Scarbs to get all your info and anything else we need.

    If you have any other questions about them, Calvin will be with me and you can ask him and have a look at the globes in his 600RR

    Cheers all!

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    What exactly is a bright globe?
    U got the specs man??

    I got 60/100 Blue globes in my ute + bike
    Tried the 90/100 Blue but they started to melt my wiring. Very good tho!


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      Come down to Scarbs Friday night to see Cal's or next time you see me, I've got a standard headlight and bright high beam.


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        Due to lack of numbers, Calvin and I will be coming up to Scarbs tonight (Friday Night) at 8pm and we'll give the details of where to get the globes for you guys. Any hassles, PM me or see us at Scarbs.


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          Sorry I'm bailing aswell.. my bike's fucked at the moment, I dont wanna spend money on it that wont benefit me right away.

          Thanks for the offer anyhow campo/calvin
          mmmmm sacrilicious