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Mastermage snaps a chain!

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  • Mastermage snaps a chain!

    So Mastermage and I were heading to Scarbs, after catching up with Hewie BMan & Phil. Punting down Manning Rd, we turn onto the Freeway on-ramp heading into the city...

    ...when all of a sudden, sparks and shit start flying out from under Master's bike! Pull over quickly, I say "Dude, you're dragging something metal the fuck along!"; only to find that his chain appears to have snapped in half and is dragging along the road.

    All I can say is, lucky the chain didn't jam and lock the bike up! Also lucky that it didn't snap mid-corner, can you say "lift-off oversteer".

    Buy a Lotto ticket, mate!

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    Close call matt! you lucky bastard! glad it didnt turn out as bad ay cos you woulda been fucked like cad on his ex yzf1000 bike!

    Thats what you get for pullin to many clutched wheelies cos it stretches ya chain everytime and makes it looser like CAD's momma! :twisted:


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      or worse than a slide.....could have been at speed and ripped all the guts out of his engine!

      How much is the lotto this weekend?

      :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
      ...and on the seventh day God said "Let there be light!", and Chuck Norris said "say please!"


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        damn dude ..that sux ..

        howd u get the bike home ??

        atleast u didnt come off ...

        wat a shit end to a good nite ..
        Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

        Some say he only showers on even days of the week

        Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

        All we know is he's Hewie.


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          We were only doing 70 or so down the onramp onto freeway and just as I stood up it made these horrible noises. You’re all correct, I’m just glad I was upright when it decided to become unstuck.

          As far as wheelies go, I don’t push my bike nearly as hard as a lot of guys I’ve ridden with lately and considering Causeway Honda replaced both my sprockets, chain, tensioner plate and few other bits and bobs no more than 6-7 weeks ago I’m not happy. [picks up the phone]

          Hrm they were flat out, pete said “bring it in see kamahl were busy but try n fit you in, kamahl’ll sort you out”

          This better not be another exercise for my wallet. Surely they’ve got more than a 6 week guarantee on a chain? I lube it every week and it wasn't tight, or knocking. It was fully unexpected :evil:

          I'll keep this thread posted with updates
          mmmmm sacrilicious


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            Damn man!

            After such a good night too...

            Yeah, you get them to give you a bloody new one! There has Gotta be some sort of guarantee on chains.....

            Good luck, hope it's sorted soon!

            Reporting LIVE from Scotland!


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              what brand of chain was it. i had some euro trash chain last year it busted in about 9 weeks. they replaced it and the replacement lasted about 6 weeks. i chucked it and put a DID on instead which is still on my old bike with the new owner.


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                I dont know, pete just said you can have an O-ring or a normal one, I said a normal one [shrug]

                Whatever Causeway's default chain would be I guess.. surely they wouldn't fit everyone with fucked gear. I think it must be a faulty chain
                mmmmm sacrilicious


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                  Damn! Lucky dood.

                  Check the chains peoples, make sure it aint over streached.

                  So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                    Not knowing much about bikes mechanically, I called Causeway and took the bike in on a trailer.

                    They said the master link just came out. Might be an idea if you have a mechanic play with your chain to make sure for yourself the link-locking pin thingo on the main link is on the right way round.

                    I just consider myself lucky I was upright when the link decided to pop out.

                    Big thanks to Kamahl (sp?) though, who stayed back after work to finish it off and help tie the bike on trailer on a gorgeous sunday afternoon.
                    mmmmm sacrilicious