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  • Advice for the R-E test

    Hey test (yes Deej I'm finally taking it) for my R-E is Thursday 1pm @ Welshpool......any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    Just don't stress mate, go with the flow and don't get freaked by the instructor / examiner.

    Good luck!


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      Passing a test comes down to two things, both intertwined.. confidence and nerves. It sounds like you're ready, so as Morpheus (err!) would say "Don't think you are.. know you are".

      Take it easy, take it slowly and look forward to seeing you on the road!


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        Have you been taken around the area and shown where they will get you to do your figure 8's and braking tests in Welshpool spun?

        I did mine there and there is one spot that they always do it at. They go real easy on the figure 8's and give you plenty of room for them which you'll probably find handy but they use the same road for your emergency stops and take my word for it and stay in the right side of the lane, trucks use the road all the time and the middle/left parts of both lanes are a slick, especially in the wet (I did my test in the pissing rain).

        As for what street it is, I know *where* but not it's name. If you go out of the center and turn right, left into traffic at the give way and I think it's the second right and then first left. Long dead end road. I'll find out the name of it tomorrow.

        Be worth scouting it out if you haven't been there already.

        Good luck!


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          Ride it like a bike, don’t dordle.

          One thing the instructor said to me when he got back was "that was a great ride. You rode it like a bike and great observation. So many people putt around the place and create a danger for themselves.”

          I consider the most important thing for any bike rider to be: Observation, indication and predictability. So be over observant, indicate everything you are doing (IE: crossing from one side of grease strip to the other, check blind spot EVERY movement) and rider like a motorcyclist would be expected to.

          So the Deej tips to pass would be:

          1) Accelerate reasonably quick to get up to the speed limit.
          2) Do the speed limit, not 10 k’s under it like a lot do.
          3) Watch out for 40kph zones (school) and 50kph zones cos they will try and trick you if poss.
          4) Always OVER accentuate when you are looking at cross streets as you approach them. I know when can just do it with our eyes as we approach but actually turn your head from side to side so HE can see it and make it super obvious. Just like someone doing CPP work. He dusn have to turn his head 180 degrees each time to see what he wants to see but it sure as hell makes it obviously to the bad guys that they are on the ball.
          5) If your behind a car at a set of lights, leave enough room between you and the car in front so you could get your bike out of the way of an approaching mack truch with no brakes if you had to. Don’t stick your front wheel on their bumper.
          6) When you take off at a set of lights, do an obvious look at the cross intersection before riding thru.
          7) Become familiar with the area you are doing the test in if you go the chance.

          I hear doing big stand up wheelies demonstrates to them good throttle and bike control so you may like to add this in as a little bonus.

          Good luck!

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            if u have bin riding around follow deej's rules ur not goin to have a problem!

            Good luck
            Nick :twisted:


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              ...except for the last point


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                the last point was the winning one? wot u talking bout 9#


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                  also when stopped always have your foot on the back brake (except for selecting a gear ) and also have you right foot on the peg when moving off ( so you are ready to stop quickly if need be)

                  Use your back brake only in fig 8's,slip clutch and keep throttle steady.

                  Chewing gum might help keep your nerves at bay !!!

                  2c worth


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                    did ya get it?.... i remember my first test i locked my front wheel but did'nt go flying luckily....


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                      when i was doin my fig8's a guy walked out of a house and over the road right the fuk in front of me when i was turning


                      passed tho so its cool



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                        When I got mine, it was pissing down...*sigh*

                        I spose it actually helped, cause the copper was a little more forgiving due to the wind & rain...

                        Plus, he didn't want to be out there anyway - made for a short test!
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                          Flakey: Aye.. I did my R-class test in the rain. Examiner was pretty cool about it.. though looked a little annoyed when I ran over his glove doing Figure-8s :roll:


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                            I did my R-E class in the rain (back then it was a L class tho).....on a DIRT BIKE....with massive knobbies!! haha good for that emergency braking let me tell you!


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                              Did my test in the rain.

                              I was out about a whole minute. I thought i failed, but i thinks he really didnt want to catch a cold.
                              Nick :twisted: