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CBR250R Front brake pads worn

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  • CBR250R Front brake pads worn

    Hi all..
    another noob question about my bike.
    tried searching and couldn't find much myself.

    noticed today the brake pads are starting to get low.
    wondering whether to do them myself, ie where to get them from?
    or put it in for a premature major service about 3 months to early????
    just wondering how hard of a job this is? if anyone has done it before and found a good guide or something along those lines??

    any help greatly appreciated
    "Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever "

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    it's a piece of cake, take calipers off, take out R clip(s) holding pin in, remove pin (can be hard to move if it's been in a while), remove spring plate, pads drop out.

    Reverse process when putting back together.

    Things to note are you will need to push the pistons back in so the caliper fitted with new meaty pads will fit over the rotor, spread the pads with a screwdriver before you drop the old pads

    If the calipers are very dirty, clean up the pistons as best you can before doing the above, you don't want to be pushing gunk back into the calipers and potentially damaging a seal

    Scrub the new pads on a flat semi abrasive surface, concrete floor for example, in a figure 8 motion a few times to rough up the pad surface a bit prior to fitting the new pads

    I normally put a bit of anti sieze on the pin when re-fitting (on road bikes), helps it come out easy next time

    Check the fluid level, pump the lever when the calipers are fitted up again, if it was me and I was doing a road bike I'd bleed the brakes, race bike usually doesn't need it

    I think that covers it all...


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      just make sure you or if ur getting mate to help you first time out that they dnt touch the brake lever/pedal (when doing back) when you have the pads out. that just makes the process much longer getting the pistons back in
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        thats ok guys all dotted lashed out and rang kamahl to do both and a service on the girl
        he only charges 80 per pad inc install
        "Yea I like the bike but it's hard to get my foot under the brake lever "


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          Did you watch him do it so you know how to next time?
          “How people treat you is their karma; how you respond is yours.”


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            just to add to lees instructions

            very important to check the level in the resivor before pushing back piston!

            if the level has been topped up with worn pads pushing the piston back out can cause an overflow and ruin your paint