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How to go about a company taking your money and not delivering

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  • How to go about a company taking your money and not delivering

    hey so as you can tell.. I've run into an issue that I kind of hope someone has had before haha

    I bought a few decals off when they confirmed that they have received payment on the 3rd of October but since then, it has been 'processing' - I've now sent a total of 4 email to them both from their site (which may not be working) and separate from their site - straight from hotmail...

    I think it at that point now where I don't think they are coming and their site only has email...

    does anyone know what I can do next? maybe if I can find if they are still in business?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    You payed by credit card or Paypal?


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      Originally posted by Desmo View Post
      You payed by credit card or Paypal?


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        How did you pay for the product?


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          Just lodge a dispute with PayPal and get your money back. Easy.


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            He's on the R6 forum, username 'splitfire'.
            Seems to have good feedback - maybe message him there?

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              Maybe he has a lot of goods on order? Did he say 1 week turn around, or 2 or 3?

              Is he local? If not maybe go local next time :}


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                the order was only for a few stickers really. they didnt say any time frame either :/

                Ill talk to paypal about it thanks Archie

                thanks for the recommendation Sprint


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                  Lodged a claim to Paypal, as I never received the product, cost $100.00. Heard nothing and that was months a go.
                  "It moved"


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                      Dump a gearbox on his driveway...


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                        Originally posted by out_in_front View Post
                        Take a Dump on his driveway...
                        Fixed for ya
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                          Hmmm Joke is lost on some...

                          If I was going down that path I would have said "shit in his letterbox", funnily enough a line stolen from the same forum as the previous one...


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                            I got the reference... But still..

                            Originally posted by out_in_front View Post
                            Take a dump in a gearbox on his driveway...
                            Originally posted by Desmo
                            Why be a cunt about it?


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                              Update on the 'sitch' - I opened a dispute with paypal which is basically a message to paypal and the seller saying wtf is going on. The seller from BullsEyeVinyl (DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE although it is very appealing) replied (after not having replied to 20 previous emails) saying 'oh sorry is this your address (imagine a dress here), is so I will resend the order'

                              He probably never sent it in the first place and I doubt he sent it this time.

                              The thing is - you open a dispute with paypal and you have 20 days to sort it out with the seller, at the end of that period, the dispute closes unless you escalate it to a claim- if you don't esculate it then it is considered resolved and any hope of receiving the product or gettin money back will be lost...
                              So currently have a claim open awaiting either my package or money back..