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1999 GSXR 600 idle problems

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  • 1999 GSXR 600 idle problems

    Hi guys, Picked up a GSXR600 SRAD yesterday, I had my dad test drive it as im a learner and he didnt pick up on one issue...

    It some times doesnt idle and will stall on me, I just rode it to a friends an back and it stalled on 2 out of 3 corners when i stopped.
    It also has a slight flat spot when initially going to take off but then once it hits about 2k -3k rpm takes off like a rocket.

    When riding its fine, But when stopping im having the issue.

    I was thinking the carbies need cleaning, It only has 13000kms and the person who owned it had only put 5000kms on the bike in 6 years. So im assuming it was sitting for long periods of time not being turned over.

    Anyone know what i can do to rectify this without a huge mechanic bill?
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    Might just need to adjust the idle speed. Quick google search will show you how, pretty sure you just need to lift the tank and it's a tiny screw mechanism on the left side of the carbs. Does it idle fine with a bit of choke?


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      With a bit of choke it would go up and down in idle speed.

      I tried putting some more oil in as it showed as less than full. Now iv overfilled it. Thinking ah no biggy drain some out i go to grab tools. socket sets half missing and i cant drain any oil. I have called everyone i know wit socket sets. Either out of town/busy not available. Im stuffed. Bike it grounded and i cant ride it all. So angry and nothing i can do about it. Cant afford a socket set either.
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        Had a look online, Cant find anything relevant. Im going to play around and see how it goes.
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          It's been so underused a good old thrashing may well improve it, aka Italian tune up, and add a little metho or carburetor /fuel cleaner to the tank.


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            I gave her a good trash to my mates house today. Was still doing it, I put 98ron into it and going on a long ride tomorrow. With any luck that cleans out the carbys.

            I have carby cleaner but i didnt feel upto taking fuel tank off.
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              The single flat spot down low may suggest your idle needs be properly adjusted by the pilot scew?


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                I meant add fuel system cleaner in the tank. Let us know if any improvement.


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                  98 in a 1999 bike?? mm ok, well not something I would do, but heh ...

                  Sounds like it def is under used, give it a good workout the fact that your dad didn't stall it sounds like you need to get used to the different clutch


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                    If it's been sitting a lot the carbs will probably need cleaning properly.

                    No, fuel additive won't really help in my experience it does pretty much fuck all.
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                      Thrash it tomorrow after it has been warmed up.

                      Also have a look at this thread.

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                        Yeah its not me on the clutch the bike physically has no power till its out of the flat spot. Iv ridden a couple 600s in the past week.
                        Carbys will just be dirty, Ill give her a thrash today and put normal unleaded in from this point forward.

                        If my car sells today when i get home im going to book it in to have the carbys jetted and a general tune up/ service.
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                          You may just need to fit a new fuel filter or clean the existing one out. Carbs do respond to a good quality cleaner...Gumout is one the Yanks use with excellent results but I dont think it is available here...a similar one may be. The idea is to let it sit overnight or longer once it is in the carbs.

                          Alternative is to strip each carb down separately, so you have the others as a guide to re-assembly then boil the metal parts only in water and a little bicarbonate of soda. It follows that they will need to be totally dry so a half hour in a hot oven will suffice....dont let any females see you doing this....or the boiling bit either really. Doing this generally will clear the tiny idle passages and jets out. Add any jets that have no rubber bits...esp the emulsion tubes which are full of tiny holes.

                          Check all rubber bits for holes and particular attention to the diaphragms...hold them up to the light to detect any pin holes. Check the tips of the float needles for any wear...such as a ring, which if present will mean they are not sealing. Check the floats for any leaks. Check all linkages...esp the choke or fast idle linkage for free movement.

                          I might suggest that before you do any of the above to check the following.

                          Fuel tank venting. When it refuses to rev pop the tank cap to see if it fixes it.

                          Throttle cables...too slack....too tight.

                          Choke sticking on.

                          Float levels are to spec...too high will give poor acceleration as well as too low....plug colour will indicate which it may be.

                          There are other things but this lot should be enough to be going on with. Remember to check the cheap simple options first.

                          Good luck and remember if you fuck it up this is advice only.
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                            Hey guys, Went on the ride had her opened up pleanty of times.. Flat spot is almost gone but still stalling. Im going to just take it to be jetted next week and let the mechanic sort it..

                            On another note, Got stuck in neutral at one point which was nice -.-
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