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GSXR losing electrical power when jiggle the clutch cable?

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    Haven't had a chance to pull it apart yet, Most of my tools have gone walk about in the last 12 months.
    It could be something simple like that, Ill know more when I have a look. There has been some dodgy wiring on the bike though, It has an aftermarket alarm and immobilizer plus a tracking unit which are all disconnected but still sitting on the bike. The aftermarket indicators were wired messy, one side was done ok but on the other you cant pull the fairing off without cutting the wires because they decided to not bother with connectors.
    The headlights only work on high beam too, which may have been intentional as iv seen allot of people do it to their bikes but who knows. (Want to rectify this before going on any night group rides) Rather let the mechanic diagnose it all and rectify.
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