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How hard to do fork seals, 2009 Hyo GT250

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  • How hard to do fork seals, 2009 Hyo GT250

    Picked up a cheap Hyo GT250 to teach the son in law to ride. It is currently unreg and we need to put it over the pits.

    Today I noticed one of the front fork seals is leaking so I guess it needs replacing, might as well do both at the same time I guess and before it's taken to be inspected..

    Wondering how hard these are do replace, I assume some special tools are required. Am balking at what a stealership is going to want to charge to them.

    Anyone got the necessary tools, and time to show how it is done to a fork seal noob :-) Payment in cash or alcohol :-)


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    Fork seals & dust seal sets are cheap. $30 - $50... plus oil. Only really need circlip pliers to remove the circlip, can drive in seals with bit of pvc pipe, and of course a head lift stand or some other method of holding bike in place whilst forks are off. Oh, and either something to measure the amount of oil, or to measure distance from oil to top of tube, whatever method Hyosung specifies.
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      If it's just a small leak you might not even need to - it may just be some dirt or grit stuck in the seal.

      In which case, it would be worth trying one of these first -

      You can even cut out your own seal cleaning tool if you have a sheet of thin, strong, flexible plastic.

      Wost case scenario, it doesn't fix the leak, and you rebuild them.

      Edit: Though if you aren't sure how long it's been leaking for and how much oil might have been lost, a proper rebuild is probably in order.


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        Yeah all good guys, thanks for the info, well we bought the bike after the last owner had a low speed slide and his insurance company deemed it an economic loss, so it has to be inspected to get taken off the WOVR and then go over the pits. The bike was cheap to begin with, have put around $400 of parts into it, was all cosmetic damage, no frame marks etc. Got all the spare parts from Maddington Wreckers.. Mark is one hell of a nice funny guy btw.. Anyway, the bike is all back together and took it around the block - steers straight, no wobbles, everything works as it should and yeah I would say the leak is minor and has been going on for a while. Ordinarily I would not even worry about it for the moment but having to get it inspected to be relicensed them am pretty sure they will fail if on the leak.

        So call Brittans this morning and they want $300 to do both seals and I guess it's not too bad. I just hate having to rely on a dealership. I normally do all my own service work but I do not see the point of buying a tool that I may never use again. Hopefully it will be back on the road late next week..

        Thanks for the input :-)
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          Just borrow a set, most of the racers and anyone that owns a two stroke will probably have circlip pliers, same with the stand. Doesn't take long and it'd be a good chance to teach your son something IMO.

          Originally posted by Aufitt
          Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya


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            $300 is frankly ridiculous. I know they have bills/electricity/rent to pay, but I don't think it would take an experienced mechanic any longer than an hour. Or you could do it yourself for probably under $70.

            Here's a couple videos showing how:

            Edit: other video in more detail.
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              It's two hours work if you take the bike in...

              An hour and a bit if you just give them the forks...



              You can see $300 is pretty much on the money for a shop job...

              But yes, easy to do yourself and you don't need any special tools if you know what you are doing...


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                ... Better make sure the forks aren't scored as well.

                If they are it's a hard rechroming job to fix and Ultraclowns don't do it.
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                  PM Marty Moose, can prob do it for ya & set it up as best as poss too.
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