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Carbon Build Up, EFI Warning?

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  • Carbon Build Up, EFI Warning?

    Hey everyone,

    Had my Hyo GT250 2010 for 2 years now, personally accumulated 28,000km whilst i've owned it and has a total of 41,000km on the clock.
    A lot of K's for a bike that is a 2010 model i know but i've serviced it myself every few thousand k's changing the oil, filter, spark plugs, brake pads, brake fluid and tyres but for the past few months i've noticed the EFI light comes on whilst im travelling around the area of 50kph.

    The bike doesn't falter at all when the light turns on, it lasts for about 5-10 seconds and doesn't effect the bikes performance in terms of jerking or stuttering, could it be a faulty sensor or some carbon build up maybe?

    Any plausible suggestions would be appreciated, as i can't find much online regarding this.
    - XolituDe (Rick)

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    Possibly a blocked or on its way to blocked fuel filter, causing pressure drop = FI light.


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      Download the EFI Service Manual.

      Underneath the left side of the rear seat, tucked into the tail fairing, you'll find a white 2 pin connector.

      Short out both pins, turn on the ignition with the run/stop switch in the run position, without starting the bike.

      The instrument cluster will display a lower case C in place of the speedo and any stored error codes from the ECU, which you can look up in the EFI manual or Google.
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        $2 roll of masking tape...short bit over the light.

        Seriously though the filter suggestion is probably close....I run a small amount of FI cleaner through every two months or so on all my bikes...even carbed ones I've owned and it seems to help....or not.
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