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Buying an unregistered bike

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  • Buying an unregistered bike

    If I were to buy an unregistered bike, do I do the following in this order (just to clarify...)
    1) Buy bike
    2) Buy temporary movement permit (or get a trailer)
    3) Bring it to an approved Vehicle Inspection Center
    4) Get it inspected
    5) Assuming it passes, go to the Licensing Center and pay the rego


    FWIW I found this place on the official list which looks to be close enough...

    Mobil Mindarie Workshop
    Corner of Hester and Marmion Avenues
    (08) 9305 0975
    Light vehicles only (under 4,500kg gross vehicle mass) Can inspect motorcycles
    Approved Inspection Station

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    I'd be checking it with REVS first to see if its Stolen or a Right off or anything Owing on it
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      What is so rare that you have to buy an unrego version of it ?
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        He might be buying from the auctions.

        You can get a movement permit or find a mate with a ute and buy them a carton of beer.
        The problem with that is that most of my mates drink expensive spirits.
        Originally posted by Desmo
        Why be a cunt about it?


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          Bit of a hike for you but, if you think its up to scratch,
          I just went to the Welshpool licencing place
          Inspected ,licenced in one go.
          Note: this may not be the universe where the above is relevant.


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            Yeah I'd like to do it all in 1 hit but there's no DMV near me that does inspections... If I go ahead with this bike I'd probably ask the seller to sort all that shit out... but if not it's good to know what I might be getting into


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              post the advert so you don't get your arse skinned.....
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