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zx12r reg/rec oil in plug

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  • zx12r reg/rec oil in plug

    I was having problems with rough running on 2000 zx12r so I checked three wire rec/reg plug for oil.When I separated the plug about half a teaspoon of oil came out which panicked me a bit as I thought I would have to buy a new stator and regulator(about $1000 if OEM).I took it to deering autronics in Jandakot to see if they could test charging system.At first I got the impression that they didnt do work on bikes but I had taken the factory manual with me and after they looked at it, agreed to test charging system.Everything checked out OK so I showed them a fix I had found on another forum which was to cut out three wire plug and solder and heat shrink wires.They suggested cutting the wires before the plug and soldering and heat shrinking wires,that way I could still separate the plug and check for oil.They did this in the carpark out front of their shop,only took 15 or 20 minutes.I will monitor it and see if it works if you have an early zx12r I would suggest you check this plug for oil.The last time I rode it before fixing plug I could barely get the bike to run,I had to keep the revs up at about 4 to 5000 revs to get it moving and if I stopped it would cut out.They gave great service and hopefully fixed my problem,time will tell.I will let you know if it fails.

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    Did you get the info from ?

    Kawasaki even did a recall for this


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      Yes it was kawasaki world but their solution was to cut the plug out,deerings suggested to leave the plug so I could check it.My bike had the recall done but after 10 or 12 years I guess it breaks down.The only other thing I can think of,I changed to synthetic oil so dont know if this had anything to do with it.