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2007 Honda CBR 600RR Ignition Issue

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  • 2007 Honda CBR 600RR Ignition Issue

    G’day crew,
    Turn ignition on, press the button and the motor turns over but won’t start. It seems like the HISS system doesnt turn off to allow bike to start.
    Sometimes if you steering lock it, and then go through to start, it starts but that seems to be not working anymore.

    Could it be the HISS system, or ignition barrel, or wiring into the bottom of the barrel.

    thanks in advance crew

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    Srs question - how old's the battery?


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      Battery is less than 12 months old


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        Presuming you've checked the obvious kill switch/side stand switch suspects. Does the red light for the HISS stop flashing ? Does the fuel pump prime ? If the Red Light stays on and the fuel pump doesn't prime, HISS. If the HISS light is out, but the fuel pump doesn't prime, suspect the fuel pump. In that instance, maybe some 'start-ya-bastard' down it's throat to verify you have ignition and then chase the pump problem.
        There is a wire that comes off the back of the ignition barrel, takes a small (7V ?) feed from the ECU for the HISS system. I have read around the web that it can get corroded and cause issues. Google or an Auto Sparky are your best friend then.