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  • New "How To" Section

    Heeeeey, new section! What's the dealyo?
    FEADCinc, PSB?

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    The How To section is literally that – A place where PSB Members can post instructions on how to do various things to their bike which may be a useful reference for others.

    This section is not to ask “How do I do something?”, this is best left for the Mods and Being Technamikl section.

    Please use this area to post completed How To’s only, and for general members to make any subsequent comments or ask questions in respect to the opening post in the thread.


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      Just to expand a little on Deejs post.

      Here is a section solely devoted to "HOW TO".

      That means, someone does something with their bike, and they post the steps they used to complete that maintenance or modification. That even goes for the simplest task, since some people might not know how to do it.

      How-to threads with steps SHOULD include pictures for clarity and ease of reference.


      This will also be a great section for discussion about "how to". Keep in mind that just because YOU think something should be done a certain way, other people might have an even better way of doing it that you weren't aware of. Keep any and all discussion civil, and have an open mind. This will be a good place to learn things from people that may have done it hundreds of times before. Tips about doing it better are ALWAYS welcome.

      In addition, THERE IS NO STUPID QUESTION HERE. This is not a section to bash so and so because they need instruction and pictures on how to remove a seat. Your experience level may be above that, but someone else's may not.

      Above all, this is not a section to ask for mechanical help. This section is PURELY for posting up how you did it, complete with pictures and descriptions. If you need advice on how to do something, please post up in the Mechanical section (and DON'T forget to try the search button first )

      ****These How To's are written by members for members, PSB is not responsible for any issues that you may have. These are tips/suggestions and not install directions from manufacturers. Everything listed you do by yourself and take full responsibility. These are correct to the best of the posters knowledge****

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