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  • Odometer Correction GSX750F

    Some notes on calibration for GSX650/750 W,X,Y,K1,K2.

    My bike a GSX750FY, had just clocked 100K except it did not clock as when it reached 99 999 it stopped. I researched and discovered the IC number for my bike. I have an electronic background so I purchased some software to give me a code to re program the Eeprom IC from the odometer/speedometer and used the programmer at my work to program it with a new code.

    To remove the 93c46 Eeprom IC from the instrument cluster requires delicate work and the ability to de solder and solder through hole components.
    There is a white plastic spacer that surrounds the instrument cluster PCB and sits between the gauges and the PCB (ref fig 1). This surround has to be removed as it covers the Eeprom that needs to be removed for programming. The fuel gauge and tachometer are straight forward to remove however the speedometer will need the 16 pin plastic encapsulated extension that holds the LCD display that is the odometer readout de soldered from the PCB (ref fig 2). Then the speedometer can be removed and then the surround so that the 93c46 IC can be de soldered and removed. Take anti static precautions.
    It is possible that the IC can be reprogrammed in the PCB (connection from the solder side of the PC however in my experience this could open you up to failure as connection to other components via the PCB can interfere.
    The safer method is to remove and place in a programmer, copy the original Eeprom then program a new IC with the file and then program again with the change you wish to make with the new code from a mileage calculator. This way you still have the original to fall back on.
    Re-assemble with the reverse process.

    Worked for me !
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    Hi Roy.

    I have this problem too,searching solution for qiute some time.
    I'm an electrician with little programing knowledge, but like to give it a try.

    How did you find the mileage code from the file? 99999 = 1869F HEX, simply look for 9F 86 01 in the file will do?
    I see that you programed twice in preparing the new IC, is that a necessary step?

    Thanks in advance.


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      What is a location of the odometers IC memory address?


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        would love to find somebody in Queensland who could re programme my Eeprom...the dreaded 99999


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          You may be pushing it given it's PERTH Street Bikes
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          Originally posted by Phildo
          Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
          Originally posted by filbert
          i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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            Get speedo from wreckers..fuk the accuracy of age/Km's

            no pride here..
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