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kwinana motorplex Wed Night

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  • kwinana motorplex Wed Night

    Who's up for a run at the Wed night drags. $30 dollars entry for as many or as few runs as you can fit in. no pressure racing. looks like great fun.

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    sounds interesting

    put me down as a maby


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      just curious, who's been doin what times at the drag strip? anyone managed under 10sec pass?


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        never been before. last week was watching and they were all pulling mid to high 11s.


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          me finks it's nitros time zip........hehehe


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            who going, tomorrow?


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              i'm up for it, but i don't think my sproket's are
              kinda bit worn


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                me finks it's nitros time zip........hehehe
                may be not this week..
                i still need to pull the spark plugs out and check how the new nitro/fuel mixture settings went. I think i'm still on the too rich side. it should be perfect after few more test runs.
                and i gotta do something about the headshakes was getting on the bike during last saturday's run.
                headshakes at 290 somthin around a bend was a bit hairy

                dragon: did you see any traces of black smoke outta my exhaust when you were following me? which would indicate too much fuel.


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                  under 10!?!?!?! fuck me what you gonna be runnin Turbo gixxer thou can't even do that!!!

                  :twisted: :shock: :twisted: [/quote]
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                    under 10!?!?!?! fuck me what you gonna be runnin Turbo gixxer thou can't even do that!!!

                    :twisted: :shock: :twisted:

                    you're actually meant to install the turbo and not drag it at the back of the bike

                    with a good rider + perfect launch, K3 thou (naturally aspirated) can pull low 10's. so i don't see why breaking 10sec would be so surprising?


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                      i never saw no smoke zip but then u did go passed me real quick......
                      under 10 probable
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                        after my first experience the other night it is alot harder then it looks to get a good run.


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                          turbo gix 1000 was posting slower speeds than a stock one on the same night.. had a much higher terminal speed tho.. forget what it was... some guy from the country owns the bike..


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                            Turbo my butt.

                            I would love to come down but i no longer am in OZ.
                            But ask Deej , I was on a naturally asperated non nos STOCK I repeat STOCK bike pulling those times.
                            a mate had a turbo gixxer and his times was way worse...why...cause tha back tyre was spinning & the front was only comes good after 3/4 track & by then its all over.


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                              Hey, if ya get the chance go down there it is good fun.

                              I did it earlier this year on the SP and was able to manage low 11's so the R1's should do under that for sure.

                              Its all in the take off. U can be as fast as fuck down the straight once u hit 3rd gear and up but if u cant get off the line quickly its all over for you and u will look like a nanna.

                              It took me six goes to sought my take off and that is when and only when that i did a good time. Most of the other times i was doing mid 12's so go and give it a shot.

                              U would love it spike
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