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Collie - Sun 16th Jan (Not 250 friendly)

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  • Country Collie - Sun 16th Jan (Not 250 friendly)

    Have to be meeting a few people in Bridgetown @ 9am. Hour and a half should be plenty of time to get there.

    Where: Collie Caltex
    When: Sun 16th Jan @ 7:30am

    Bring yourself, bike, full tank, money and refereshments as it may get pretty hot in the day.

    See you there or I'll ride on my own again

    Look for a Silver bike and green jacket.

    Note: I am not trying to discriminate, but unless you are confident and on a 2 stroke 250 or better this ride is probably not for you.

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    even when you were on a 250 it would have been the case lol

    have fun dude
    Every one has a story.....


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      Cheers Falcore, the old 250 used to go alright. I actually sold it to a PSBer James086. Not sure whether it's dead or has been sold onto another new rider

      I think 7:30am and Collie is scaring people away from coming though rather than the 250 / confident rider rule. I thought Buellord and co. were trying to get you to ride with them this weekend or am I mistaken?


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        Jeez I always miss these rides, are u going on or meeting up part way on the end of Jan ride down this way


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          Would be into this for sure but for coming off a night shift at 6....

          Have fun Reddog..
          May the force be a considerable distance behind you.


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            Doubtful I will be on an end of Jan ride. I have my work (late) Xmas party piss up and my birthday on Jan 29th. Will be too intoxicated I would expect