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#CANNED# Any rides on tonight? (weds 16/3) (Steak night @ the mighty quinn?)

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  • 250 Friendly #CANNED# Any rides on tonight? (weds 16/3) (Steak night @ the mighty quinn?)

    Howdy done a search but doesn't appear to be anything on 2night?

    Was thinking about going to freo for 1/2 price natcho's again, then i remembered the mighty quinn has $13 steak's (chips, small salad etc) that are fair dinkum.

    Anyone interested?

    meet 6:15pm leave 6:30pm (starts to get real busy there after 7pm from memory)

    BP South perth, mill point road,
    Look to do a coastal run out to scarborah down to cott afterwards for a nice sea breeze.

    Let me know if you're inski!

    #Cancelled due to lack of interest# Firing up the bbq 'n' crackin beers instead
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    Mmm Nacho's are awsome there, sorry mate i got plans tonight!


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      No Wukkas going to close this off @ 6pm if there's no takers 'n' cook the steak i bought yesterday (LOL)

      Btw if that's spose to be a link on the bottom of your sig it doesn't work cheif


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        *sigh* I can't wait until I can start riding by myself again... see a ride and just come along. Ah well its a decision I made to upgrade and I will have to live with it. Otherwise I would have sooo been in mate.


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          LOL yeah there's been a few bikes i've been keen on, but will hang off untill at least a month before i guess! Where you get that countdown meter? Try to get one of those to work before = fail


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            Just click on it and it will bring you to the site you make it on . It's pretty easy to work out from there