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    The Preamble

    Once upon a time there was a 30 sumfin guy called Deej. Deej was a fit and active bloke who played some sorta sport a few times a week, and if he didn't resistance train every single body part at least once a week in the gym and walk out throwing up and unable to push his car clutch in then he would feel something was wrong with the world.

    Then one day Deej realized he was 40, had a couple of kids, well not literally obviously (although I hear it was the best 14 seconds of his life...including 4play), and Deej's business grew, and throw in some intense study, a sick family member, a 80 Mage, and other stuff that one takes on for no apparent reason, and before you know it Deej has managed to find excuses not to stay active for quite a few years.

    Now Deej gets puffed walking between two sets of lamp posts which is not good.

    Deej thinks it's about time he got off his arse and got himself back into his active life before he wakes up and finds he is 50 with a whole new set of problems to think about.

    So introducing the PSB Forums Unfit Kindred Exercise Regime ("FUKER"), patent pending.

    The Relevant Info:

    What is it?: A after work walk and/or light jog (if u r so inclined or a showoff) around the Swan River/bridges in a anti clockwise direction using the rivers edge path, Causeway, and Narrows Bridge whilst chatting to other PSBers who also want to get some exercise.

    When: This Thursday, 24 March, 5:40 PM for 5:45 SHARP departure.

    For: Any PSBer who feels like a walk and a chat and is in a similar unfit state or is in a fit state and prepared to carry me.

    Departure Point: The grass on the Rivers edge immediately next to the boat ramp which adjoins the car park at the end of Coode Street, South Perth (map below).

    Hope to see you/meet u/chat to you. Let's see if it can grow into more of a regular thing over time with a variety of outdoor activities on the foreshore every week.

    Come and be a FUKER just like me!

    So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)

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    When my work moves to the city later in the year I'll be in. Sounds good.
    Originally posted by Abuse this
    Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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      Potentially in on the Thursdays I don't have my daughter. So, I can't make it on the 24th


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        Thursday hmmmmmm ........ it's allwys a big day for me.....


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          Now Deej gets puffed walking between two sets of lamp posts which is not good.

          I fell of the office chair with laughter when I read this bit deej you funny fucker ..

          I'm in ......... unless I pass out from heat stroke just thinking about it ...

          WARNING : this old dog bites !!



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            Hmm Deej.. That's a Long drive! Will see what I can move off the schedule!

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              You named this after me?? Oh Deej

              Maybe next time, I'm on shifts this week.
              Originally posted by Desmo
              Why be a cunt about it?


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                you talking to me?...........!

                thats a great idea deej

                will there be a drinks cart following.........

                im there if i can get away from the "office".

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                  Originally posted by Deej View Post
                  and a 80 Mage
                  Mages are way O/P especially in PvP - oh and hey you can make lvl 85 now yar?

                  Would love to make it, but I dont fly home till Thursday evening. If you lot are still walking at 7:30, then I will join in Especially seeing as the lamp post distance is getting great for me to walk too. I drive now.


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                      In to help carry Deej


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                        It's a bit of a ride to get there, but I'm theoretically in, pending a check with the Mrs.


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                          Trexie is keen.

                          Doin the bridges fun run in a few weeks, need to get my ass into gear.

                          Also need to stop being a member of the "10th of a Ton" club



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                            Just looked it up on the map. How far are we walking(ish) and any idea on how long it might take?


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                              I need to get the vibrams five fingers out for a long walk (still building my relationship with them ).....might try and make it down.