Hey all
After reading the thread on trying to organise a wheelie night, it made me inspired to go out and practise some more.

Im heading out tomorrow (Saturday 2nd April) with a couple of mates to our usual spot. SO if your confident, but not over confident, and want to practise some "my front wheel is flat, how ever do i get home" techniques, just send me a PM for the details.

It will be a meet point NOR at about 4:30pm for a 4:45-5pm departure. Bring a full tank of fuel and a drink if its hot. Oh and any Go-Pro's etc that you use, but please ask permission before filming or photographing other people.

Be warned though, where we go has a very unforgiving texture (think country roads), so wear the appropriate safety gear.

So yeah, if you want to come along, shoot me a PM and i will send you the details


P.S. If you are very new to the sport, or arent very confident, maybe give this one a miss and wait for the next one. Last thing i want is to be picking up pieces of bike and people off the road. And for this first session, spectators are not welcome. maybe next time once we have things sorted out a bit.