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Join a ride heading north from Perth on the 8th of May

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  • Join a ride heading north from Perth on the 8th of May


    Itï؟½s always the way. You find something great and have a short time to enjoy it. This site was stumbled upon when looking for information on the internet, like a lot of things. So Iï؟½m going to use it to the fullest while I can.

    If you look at the website at the top, it explains that Iï؟½m heading north from Perth on the 8th of May. Having some friends, old and new, join me from Scarborough for a ride that heading north. I dare say I'll be the one who lasts the longest but itï؟½s up to the individual as to how long they want to join me heading that way. Some are going to the outskirts of Perth, 100km round trip, and others are going to see where we get to for the first night to then head back the next day.

    As itï؟½s stated in the website, itï؟½s an open invitation to meet people from myself, I just want to share the adventure with others.

    David Brown

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    Ok, too keep this thread going it needs some input so ill pose a question that may keep it going so more people have an opportunity to join in until the date is up.

    Heading north through WA, cant wait for the kimberleys, then into NT to Darwin. After that im visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romainia, Hungery, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland.

    Who would like to come and join me on the ride or just come to see me off and to see some other bikes but more importantly to meet some new or old friends that use this site???