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  • 250 Friendly Help before test

    Hi all, I have my bike test next Wednesday on the 11th for my RE and I need as much guidance and practice ASAP. I just need someone to take me out and watch my riding as I need to know if I'm doing anything wrong. If anyone is available this week or weekend coming please flick me a message on 0430752465 I could not thank you enough I'm based in Canning Vale btw
    Its better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool !!!

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    I'd come help but I haven't held my license long enough to shadow you im afraid.

    You'll find alot of tips in previous threads but a couple things to watch for include:

    Make sure you cancel your indicator after turning.
    Don't take off with your helmet strap undone flapping in the wind.
    Don't go heavy on the rear brake for e stop. Your nerves are likely to make you put more pressure on it than usual.
    Make sure you make very obvious head checks left and right as you're passing streets/driveways where cars can cut you off.
    Be mindful of school zones and their 40kmph limit.
    Drag the rear brake for o turns to help balance the bike if you need.
    Be confident in what your doing without being arragent. In other words dont baby it and ride in 5th at 50kmph.

    Hope that helps a little and good luck


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      Wraith I'm in Willetton and can probably do some time over the weekend to shadow you around for the experience if you like. Will give you a call near the end of the week with availibility.


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        Thanks a lot mate, much appreciated, as it is soo hard to find people available especially when all my mates have not had their license's long enough . I look forward to hearing from you soon, I have a lesson on Saturday from 1-3 pm anytime before or after then and all of Sunday is good . Again thanks a lot mate
        Its better to be dead and cool than alive and uncool !!!


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          Tried to contact you Sat & Sun but no reply. Good luck with the test eh

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