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- Newbie, Weekly Social Ride, Thursday 19th May, 2011

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  • Learner - Newbie, Weekly Social Ride, Thursday 19th May, 2011

    The rides cater for confident learners and new riders, as well as those just looking for a cruisey ride or to help Perth learners gain more experience on the roads before they go for their tests.

    Meet point - Causeway Bikeshops

    Meet 6.15pm - Leave 6.45pm

    Hint for the ride - Ladies and Gents, via their mansions

    Check out the Weekly Social Ride notes and rules

    Need a shadow? go here and ask nicely or post up in the thread

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    oh yeah, might have to give this a try.
    Drink all day, play all night,
    Let's get it poppin'.
    I'm on my Yammie, bitch!


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      wrong map?
      Originally posted by Desmogod
      Nobody was bagging scooters, they were bagging you.


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        Wrong Meet point, in fo sure

        All fixed now
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        I have heard of Sane women, but I have also heard of unicorns!!!


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          Sorry, got a date with the Moose
          When the only tool you have is a hammer, every thing starts to look like a nail


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            In in in
            Its The Fastest Who Gets Paid And Its The Fastest Who Gets Laid!


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              Mirkz - depending on weather primarily and if I can get a shadow from Bentley.
              The faster you go, the slower you age.


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                DEFINATLEY IN im pulling out of tonight's ride due to work (FML) but the next i am determined too make!!!
                Our Father, Who art at Phillip Island, Hallowed be thy name
                Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done
                In the backroads as it is on the freeway
                Give us this day our high-octane premium fuel
                And forgive us our lanesplitting
                As we forgive the four wheel drives, the volvos and the taxis
                And lead us not into gravel corners
                But deliver us from hand-held radars
                For thine is thy leather, thy denim, thy Gore-Tex and thy Kevlar
                Amen ORIGINAL POST BY DEB


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                    def in it's in the diary
                    Originally posted by Rocket
                    Hahah yeah, cos if there's one thing that scares the shit out of people, it's a bunch of 60kg computer geeks on GPX250's wobbling into a carpark.


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                      Might be able to make the dinner stop otherwise the pub for shiz. Anyone care to pm me the dinner stop details please?

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                      Every one has a story.....



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                        Spewin' I'm missing tonights ride, meet point just being around the corner from me.

                        Very keen for next weeks ride though pending a shadow, any available? Pick up from Bassendean.


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                          in :-)


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                            stuff it, im in need a wsr fix

                            Straightline2ten your motorcycle and motor car repairer for smash repairs

                            insurance or private work, plastic welding,resprays, restoration and classics

                            dianella 93703770


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                              After about 4 months with no bike...I'm in. The KLR should sound sweet in the poly pipe.