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Sunday's Bush Ride Nov 9th

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  • Sunday's Bush Ride Nov 9th

    Once again we had another good turn out for todays ride.
    Thanks to Spike, Aza, Warp Speed, Zipdrive, and John & girlfriend for coming along and taking part in some good riding & fun!!! 8)
    For the guys that pulled out, bad luck it was a top day, roads were good conditions fine and not to hot.
    First thing I did today was set Spikes and Aza's suspension up, from some settings I had at home from the two R1's I used to own, What did you think guys
    Must say the most notable feature to todays ride was the confidence Spike and Aza had. I followed Spike for about 20 - 30km watching his lines and his riding ability, apart from one error (went outside his limit) he road really well. Spike you need to get off your more and pull it over into the corner, the bike will corner easier and you will be more confident to hold a little more speed into the corner.
    Aza you are along the same lines as Spike, but I would not push it untill you get a leather jacket, but was very impressed with your ride today.

    I to had to stuff around with my front end, as I had new springs and heavier oil fitted, it's still a little iffy.

    As like before, we did the usual trip though Jarrahdale / North Dandalup / Dwellingup / Quindanning / Pinjarra and back home.

    Once again thanks for coming hope you all enjoyed the day, Keep your eyes out for next ride, will be after PE track day.

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    Big thanks to Calvin for today's ride!
    that was one hell of a way to scuff the new tyres in

    Calvin, Spike, Aza and Warpspeed set some amazing pace around corners...
    i stayed in my own "slower" comfort zone and still had a ball! just look at the blisters on my hands

    I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow....


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      Once again a thankyou goes out to Calvin for organizing another great! ride day. Thanks also to everyone else that did come, it was a real fun day out.

      I must say these country runs are one of the things I find most enjoyable about riding. You can really learn so much more about your bike and yours own riding skills on these rides. I highly recommend them.


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        country run

        Definately a good day out. Was a long way off the pace but had a really good time. Having to travel another 450 km home after a days ride really sucks though. Next time I'll leave the wife behind and really give it a go. Thanks for a great day out guys!


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          few pics from the ride
          sorry for the slowness, it's coming off my server


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            whi is the dopey looking bloke with the scratched up R1 and ripped draggin jeans????? bwahahahahahaha

            Glad u guys had a good time, I was working night shift so while u caaaarrrnnnntttts where ripping up the ashphalt, i was ripping up z's in my bed!!!!

            Make sure the next 1 is on my day off Calvin :cry:
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              It was an awesome day, thanks to calvin for takin us out once again...... i've learnt soo much from following WarpSpeep's and Calvin's lines, just watching where/when they brake, how they come into the corners, stuf like that...........between the two of them (Calvin & WarpSpeed) there's soooooooo much experiance and riding knowledge it's amazing how much u can learn from them!

              Thankx for all the pointers and tips guys, esp Calvin where at one stage we actually stopped and he gave me some pointers and tips, (we were stopped for a good coupla minutes b4 the next rider was even in our mirrors hehehe)

              I cannot express how gratefull i am at all the help and i'm eagerly looking forward to the next run

              Thanks guys


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                well i woulda been there but i was still too drunk from my mates 26th the nite b4 hehehehe first time in awhile sooooo maybe next time boys keep up the good rides
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                  Sunday Bush Ride

                  Yeah thanks guys that ride put a smile on my dial. Can't beat cranking into 200kph parabolic curve hanging off the machinery right on the back wheel of a confident rider. Aza & Spike you guys are really getting to grips with what its about. Zip Drive it was great to see you other than Scabs...the R1 got a total you did blisters and all. Nitreous would have been handy....make sure you fill up next time ...I gotta see this!!! :shock: Calvin I hope you are closer to the Holy Grail in getting the new White Power forks right...thanks for the invite ...always fun to ride with you...loved that North Spur first section. Dodgyone and Beck nice to meet you...hope you get that nice shiny VFR soon..........I am going on a 4 hour run this Sat 9am meetup 9.30 leave approximately 4 hours ending at Scabs for those of you that are into Blurred Country Scenery >PM me for details
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                    Glad every one enjoyed the day. It was my pleasure to have you all come along, as it's not the same riding alone!!! ~

                    Sorry will not be riding this weekend as I have a track day to attend on Saturday, hopefully sort the front end out.

                    I will post another Bush Ride within the next 2 weeks, it will be after the PE track day.
                    Hope you all can make it

                    Cheers Calvin. 8)