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    Just like to say a big thanks to Deej, Tex, Goldfields school and everyone else who made today possible. Very well organised and gained a lot of helpful assistance.

    Thanks for a bloody awesome day!!!
    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...

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    So.. care to give us a few more details?

    Who went fast? Who binned it? Who wheelie'd? Who didn't?


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      I'll let Spike fill you in on that.... :roll:
      ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...


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        fucking great day!!
        Nick :twisted:


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          That was an absolutely unreal day and worth every cent of the $200. Thanks to all the PE team and people that made this day possible. I hope this is the start of a great tradition and look forward to many more great events in the near future.

          Unreal! 8)


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            Big ups to all the organisers, and everyone who came along. It was an absolutely brilliant day! Thanks!


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              HELL YEAH!! An awsome day.

              Im not a huge lover of the track, but Id pay to do it again!!

              Congrats to the PE Team - you guys created one hell of a day!
              <Big round of applause>


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                Just onbehalf of the PE Team we would like to say a big thankyou to all the participants at the trackday. You all did the Perth Street Bikes forum proud.

                We were very pleased to see everyone enjoying themselves and their motorcycle. It was one of the best weekends on two wheels.

                Also a huge thankyou to Deej, whos tireless effort was what made the day a huge success. And of course Tex who also put in the hard yards to make it happen. Go-Fast drinks
                for keeping us all hydrated throughout the day. The PE Babes who brought a smile to every male's face at the track!! Causeway Honda for suppling the ute which was only needed once, for Chookie who works there! Big W for being the errand boy on the day, cheers.

                If I have forgotten anyone I apologise, but well down and thankyou.

                This was the first of many!!!!!
                Thanks to my sponsors:

                K-Tec Mobile Mechanics - 0415 746 665
                Tyres for Bikes - Vic Park


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                  I'll let Spike fill you in on that....    :roll:
                  In the words of John MacEnroe.. "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"

                  Details people, details! Meanwhile I'm going to go back to that pictures thread and hit "refresh"..


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                    Details, bitch! Details!


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                      yeah Spike had a low side at the exit of CAT corner , he was ok but the bike has some more scars.

                      The borrower of Spikes undisclosed bike (Rider OK but a small abrasion to his back )
                      Highsided going into the only left hander and again damaged the side of the bike, (undisclosed damage).

                      Not a good day to be one of Spikes bikes :cry:

                      Anyway I'm sure when he feels upto it he will post his report...

                      (Post specifics editied by Admin)


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                          Must say was a great day.

                          Cheers go out to all who slaved behind the scenes to get the action happening, the guys who gave me some free fuel and mother nature for providing the perfect conditions.

                          And most of all the Parents of the PE Babes,
                          YOU DID WELL!

                          Damn ladies, thats some sexy shit!
                          Will you insure me?!


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                            I heard you all had an awesome day even spite some little "offs" but these things happen. It was great to hear from so many of you guys at the track, thanks for the calls and the text messages, next time I'll be there in person, not only in spirit.

                            Bloody great job to Deej, Tex and the PE team, all I heard all day was praise. I could hear the smiles in everyones faces. You've done us proud boyz!


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                              Today was excellent...

                              I had a heap of fun, I feel so much better cornering, and ripped my tyres right to the edges...


                              Thanks to everyone who made it happen and to those there who I shared it with!
                              Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things