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  • Phillip island Moto GP

    Hey guys,

    Iv packed the bags & loaded the panigale on the ute now for the dash across the Nallarbor to the island,
    just a shout out to the PSB peps if your there and up for a bevey hit me up ill be floating around the track/cows
    over the weekend followed buy a track day on thursday 24th if anyone else is on bored for that one !!!

    see ya there

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    How many days are you putting aside to get there.

    I am doing the same trip in December to do California super bike school at PI, a ride day at PI, ride day at broadford and one at Sydney.

    Let me know if you have any tips on spots to stay. I have travelled it once from Brisbane to Perth a few years ago but any tips wouldn't go astray.

    Have an awesome time mate, no doubt you will.


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      We have given ourselves 4 days to come over do abit of the touristy
      Thing & plan to smash out the return
      Trip in two days, wouldn't so far recommend the places we have stayed so far
      Just truck stop motels as there not much to pick from
      Although we stay in a nice place last night in Adelaide but it has a few....

      Enjoy your trip to mate sounds like a rippa!!!


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        Will be there tomorrow lunchtime.

        Don't really check this site much when I am away but we stay with a a local on the Island (big shed and motorcycle friendly), if anyone needs any assistance while there, let me know via pm and I will check it when I can.
        They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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          lucky pricks!!!


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            I'm staying in Cowes. Will be at a closed function Friday night in Cowes proper but keen to catch up for a brew with with any PSB'ers if they are in town. 0403307776. message me.

            Jason Hodges