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Lunch. Ride. Festivities. 9 Nov

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  • Lunch. Ride. Festivities. 9 Nov

    I'll be back in Perth by this date, and providing that Azzy lets me come out to play, I'm up for a big day out with all you folk.

    Plan is as follows...

    Meet at Franklins Tavern in Vic Park at 12pm for lunch and possibly a loosener for those who are keen. If you'd like to do lunch with us, then make sure you order your meal early enough so we're not waiting for you (which we won't). Ran into a former manager of the place and he highly recommends the meals at the Franklin, so I'm keen to try the place out as an alternative to the usual places along that strip. Looks to be plenty of parking space around the back.

    Will depart there at 1:30pm and head for a ride. Route will take us through the hills and be about 120kms worth. Will stop somewhere nice with a view halfway in case people get thirsty, need to stretch their legs, or if they're running bridgestones and need to change bikes.

    Pace won't be overly fast, and as such I'll call it confident 250/baby sheep friendly.
    It's more important that the group stays together, and we all make it to the pit stops at the same time... :hurr:

    Ride will finish at The Kewdale, where people can continue on with the socialamisation, or disperse from there.

    And dennnn..... I'll be having people around that night for drinks and usual shenanigans from about 7pm.
    If you'd like to attend don't already have my address, then PM me.

    If I don't reply it's because I either don't know you, or you're Sefton.
    In either case, if you rock up on the day and don't come across as a bell-end, then you'll surely be invited to continue on with the festivities.

    BYO drinks and some dead animal parts to BBQ if you do wish to head on over. Swag/sleeping bag may be handy too, as I've already got a full bed...

    See ya's then!
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    Keen as a bean
    Originally posted by wattsie
    "He's hung like a moose and his name is Kloun" - Huggys mum


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      So in!
      Originally posted by DailyBanana
      That little girl likes her pizza more than you like people


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        You just had to plan this shit for when half of us are in for a track day didn't you!? Me and [MENTION=37303]ADD!CT[/MENTION] are def doing it and i'm pretty sure [MENTION=35384]Rennis[/MENTION] [MENTION=33989]Heybrew[/MENTION] and [MENTION=36739]Deadpool[/MENTION] we're talking about booking in the trackday as well..

        Edit: Fuckin LOL on the sefton comment!
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          Meh, shit blokes the lot of them

          Nah, I'd change the date, but I have exams the following two weeks so this is the only day that works for me at this stage.

          You can still join us that night though


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            Booked track along with brad but keen for the evening
            Originally posted by Canada
            Even if I was interested in vagina I'd probably be looking for something a little bit stronger... I don't go for sissies


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              Free the 10th but
              Originally posted by Canada
              Even if I was interested in vagina I'd probably be looking for something a little bit stronger... I don't go for sissies


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                Keen as long as I'm here


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                  Breakfast ride the next day


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                    Out for track day no spots left won't look for a spot now cause it's time to get drunk balls an all so INSKI
                    Originally posted by Huggy
                    Kloun doesn't pull out...
                    Originally posted by Manyak
                    Fuck off! I can get it up like 30cm every now and then!
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                      Sounds dardy, in.
                      Originally posted by Sookie
                      Get a gixxer, do wheelies, YOLO into cars


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                        Perhaps. I think I'm washing my hair that day and through the night. Doesn't sound that great anyway.
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                          In for night activities


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                            Likely in for the orgy.
                            Is [MENTION=30940]Azzy[/MENTION] even alive still?
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                              Mirkz... Because you chose the one day where I need to be green for the month...
                              Don't get too excited on me joining... I'm not a girl