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  • New Years

    Well have to plug one of my favourite places for the New Years bash which is where I'll be attending.

    "The Box" is a great little place in town on Hay Street that serves fantastic cocktails - there selection of other drinks is also quite extensive. It's a pub with their own dj, the music is superb, and so are the nibblies.

    But the best thing of all is that it lacks in pretentious people - it's such a nice place to have a great time.

    I've attached an invite that I got given on Christmas Eve - small plug for a great place!!
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    saw ya at the airport today by the way all the guys compented on ya bum in that tiny little dress ya were wearing. i think ya nearly caused a guy to crash into a car in front of him. wear that stuff all the time to the air port.

    doh lucky i didnt have any stickers or i woulda tagged ya

    anyways have a good one and hopefully someone will have a new years party somewhere
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      Isn't that an oxymoron? Cocktails = pretentious pe... nevermind
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