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  • Event Perth Hills Fire Charity Ride

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick update to let everyone know what's the latest and greatest on this fantastic upcoming event.

    We had our very first meeting tonight which went extremely well. Attendees were Short Steve, Ladyhawk, Graelin, Live-to-Ride Optimal and J.P. Some great ideas kicked around which means there are a few minor changes made to the original post....... but all positive...... Thanks guy's, could never have managed this without your help and ideas.

    Anyway's (Plan is as follows

    Date: Remains unchanged. Still Saturday 25th January 2014
    Meeting Location: Masters Car Park, Ranford Road (Armadale side) Keep to the side of the Masters car park that's close to Bunnings next door as both are donating to the cause.
    Meeting Time: 08:00am
    Departing: 09:15am (we are trying to organise a "CoffeeX" van to attend to make sure we all get our morning fix.

    Entry Fee ($10) includes a raffle ticket.

    We will be leaving Masters car park at the designated time (ish) and heading straight to the Mt Helena Tavern which will see us arriving circa lunchtime. There will be a leader, Tailman and corner markers to make sure no one gets lost and everyone arrives there safely to enjoy a great day.

    The entry fee will now include a raffle ticket. Due to the very high quality of raffle donations we have received and given the cause we decided to make the raffles $5 each..... when you see the quality of the prizes you will understand why

    There will be volunteers on the day (at Masters and at Mt Helena Tavern) to collect entry fees, sell raffle tickets etc all will be wearing Hi-Viz vests so easy to identify

    We are currently running up a new flyer with the new info on it so we should be able to post it by Friday. Anyone who wants to donate raffle prizes can give me a call/PM etc and I will arrange collection or if you want just hand them in on the morning of the meet. The new flyers also means you can approach businesses for support in raffle prizes, cash or a direct donation to the disaster relief fund.

    Note: There "will" be ground support on the day in the form of Short Steve taking up the rear ........ and I mean that in the best possible taste ......... sorry Steve, couldn't help that one ..... Steve will be driving his ute complete with trailer, some tools, puncture kits etc (Thanks for that Steve)

    P.S. Contact me direct for any queries, Ideas or questions on (0409493440) 24/7 or on this website.
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    You should definetly post this in some more non relevant sections
    B19 Oakford V.B.F.S


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      Perth Hills fire Charity Bike Ride

      All PSB members and friends. We're all aware of the devastating news recently regarding the fires in the Perth hills and those poor people that have lost their homes. I'm in the process of organising a charity bike ride to collect funds to help those involved. Meeting place will be Bunnings on Ranford Road, Saturday 25th January 2014, 07:00am heading to Scarborough for a coffee stop, returning to a venue (to be decided) for a sausage sizzle finishing up with a raffle. Im in the process of now of approaching establishments who will contribute to the cause (raffles & snags) and assist us raise some serious funding for those people who have lost everything.

      I've done this before with white and pink ribbon rides in Queensland so all ready to run this one.

      I suggest the following.

      1. Entry fee $10 (to be paid on the morning of the ride)
      2. Raffles $1 per ticket...... will be some great bargains to be had here
      3. Sausage sizzle provided free by the publican or we donate $1 per snagger. (patrons may chose to buy bar food if preferred).

      I will contact local newspapers in order to raise more funding and Police to advise route to be taken so we have the all clear.

      Come on people. Bikers over the last few months have had a bad rap. Lets show Joe Public what we are capable of.

      your support on this issue will be recognised and greatly appreciated.

      Best Regards


      P.S. Contact me direct for any queries, Ideas or questions on (0409493440) 24/7 or [email protected] or on this website under "In The Loop".


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          Statement Retract

          Any guy's wishing to help with this much appreciated. You'd be amazed at the wankers giving me gripe over this !!! Most probably Centre Link bludgers who've never done a stroke of work in their lives.....

          I'd like to retract this statement made by me on 13th Jan. "Most probably Centre Link bludgers who've never done a stroke of work in their lives... I have no excuse for writing or even thinking this and realise that it has offended many people. I offer my upmost apologies and hope those offended can be kind enough to accept same. I will endeavour to double check all future posts before hitting the send button.

          Best Regards J.P.
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            if people mash "new posts" they will see the"in the loop" ride eventually, or if they go to "in the loop" itself through the "forum" tab.
            We did a ride out to Toodyay after the fires - we had a massive turn out - [MENTION=10159]Graelin[/MENTION] can tell you the numbers and the $ raised. And I believe it was only posted once

            But good work on organising the ride.


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              Easy tiger, not time or place...


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                No need to be a dick, and no need for forum spamming either. Please keep it civil.
                For LAMS information and resources -
                For LAMS discussion and to ask questions -


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                  Apols barfridge... didn't mean to offend anyone but when someone is trying to do something positive for some poor folks who have been left with nothing I'd expect help or offers of support.... not some wankers taking a pop


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                    Nice apology...


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                      Welcome Mr Blade :-)


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                        Guys, I have no idea as to what the deal is here , but instead of poking a stick at a fella busting his nuts to help others out in 2 separate threads, maybe cough up a few bucks and then take it to pm to voice any concerns. Even better get on the phone and offer to help out a bit. Might make a good friend for life.

                        From someone who was involved in something far less complex to organise , it is fucken hard work and takes a world of thought keeping up with the whole thing once it gets momentum.

                        This isn't about us in any way as well , but to help those who cop it in the face AGAIN by fire and extreme weather.

                        J.P. , can't make the ride mate as the man wants me to work , but pm me ya bank details and I will drop some Dead Kennedys in.
                        Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                          Thanks ReCon really appreciate the support. I was going to collect all cash on the day with some others to witness the total takings including raffle cash. Im going to pester some businesses tomorrow to donate cash or items. I think if people want to donate cash I'll get PSB account details and they can post to that. Shame you cant make the day.... hope we can post some pics. I've already contacted The West Australian and Channel 7 lets see what publicity they can offer. Pretty sure it will all be positive.

                          Thanks again


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                            Bush Fire Ride

                            PSB has a great track record in helping out when it is needed.

                            The Toodyay fire run organised by Hammerhead is still talked about there.

                            As one of the fire affected home owners at Toodyay I can not emphasise enough the affect it had on those who had lost everything seeing those 55 bikes enter town offering support. The riders had people who had lost their homes shaking their hands, this was quite an emotional experience for them.

                            What can you do?

                            If you want to help. Money is what is needed and if we can get that to the disaster coordinator it goes straight to providing what is needed on the ground.

                            A lot of unusable donations were dropped off at Toodyay by well meaning people. We needed two push chairs and twenty seven donated! This then has to be stored somewhere. The money we donated bought wheel barrows which were needed for the clean up. The needs change very quickly from household cleaning products to get rid of smoke damage through to furniture, tools to help rebuild etc.

                            So come on and support these people who are going through a financial and emotional hell at the moment on Perths doorstep.

                            PSB also took up a furniture truck of goods and even a whole kitchen in following weeks for Toodyay. As we donated this the lady running the "Hardly Normal" disaster supply shop broke down in tears seeing all the motorcyclists helping. She wrote an article on this for the news paper.

                            So please support the ride and or donate to the ride if you can't attend in person.


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                              JP, count me in, as I hill dweller I feel for those who have lost everything.

                              If at first you don't succeed, dont bother taking up sky diving.
                              This unit is portable when carried.
                              it wasn't a normal cookie, i figured that out 45 minutes into my exam.