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Freo based river/ Cott shadow.

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  • Freo based river/ Cott shadow.

    Hi all.

    I'm a relatively new member, but very glad to have found this group. It's an incredible resource for the MC community.

    That said, I'm hoping there might be someone around my area who feels like a cruisy day ride along the river and along the coast.
    Am having tuition twice a week and the tutor is comfortable that I *should* pass, so I'm not hoping to score a free coach, but just someone for a cruisy ride.

    I'm based just outside of Freo and hoping to get as much time in the seat as possible as I have the test on the 21st Jan.

    I have a workshop in O'Connor where the bike is based, and two young kids so the aim is for a daytime ride. Whenever suits.

    The obvious bribes of fuel, lunch, *beer* and maybe one of Daisies Muff Muffins from Cott, just cos, well they're awesome!

    Thanks all who read this thread.

    Rocking the world one motherfucker at a time.

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    Hiya, there are a few of us not working atm or are FIFO around that might be able to shadow you.

    Are you talking about week day rides or weekend?

    I'll check my calendar and see, might be able to take you out on Friday, I'll do the run around at the same time to maximise my time


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      Hi [MENTION=7149]Stoneville[/MENTION].

      Sounds great!
      Would be aiming for weekday rides.

      Have a session with the instructor friday from 8am (for 1.5 hrs), but if you wanted to head out after I would be thrilled.
      Would be a great way to ease into the weekend.
      Rocking the world one motherfucker at a time.


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        I'm still training at that time!! so can't get away from that, usually finish and can leave home at 10am, so that would be around 10.45am in O'Connor.

        PM me your telephone number and address for pickup