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- Newbie Friendly Ride, Tuesday 23rd June, 2015

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  • Learner - Newbie Friendly Ride, Tuesday 23rd June, 2015

    9th Anniversary

    That's right 9 years, how time flies.

    I hope some of you oldies can make it

    If it is raining too much on Tuesday, we will leave it till Thursday the 25th.

    The rides cater for confident learners and new riders, as well as those just looking for a cruisey ride or to help Perth learners gain more experience on the roads before they go for their tests.

    Meet point - Shell Service Station, Albany Hwy, Bentley, near the John St lights.

    Meet 6.15pm - Leave 6.45pm

    Hint for the ride - Only one route for this one!!

    1. Learners please make sure you are capable of riding in traffic at night, maybe even arrange with a shadow to take you out one on one a night or two before.
    2. Shadows, especially new ones, myself or the CM's (Corner Marker's) haven't met, Please make sure the learner you pick up is capable of riding in traffic at night, if you think they aren't ready for it, either bring them to the meet point to say Hi and then take them home again (we'll tell you where the dinner stop is so you can catch us up) or let them know that you don't think they are ready and take them for a small ride around their area.
    3. New riders (those that haven't attended before) Please introduce yourself to me or one of the CM's in Yellow vests, if you can't find us, ASK!!
    4. Newly Licenced riders, Please make yourself known to myself and/or a CM, you are also requested to ride near the front of the ride until you are familiar with how things work.
    5. Learner riders Please make sure you park your bikes at the front or out in the open, don't get boxed in, this will make it easier when we come to leave.
    6. ALL riders Please listen to the ride briefing, give each other plenty of room and we should all arrive at our destinations safe and happy
    7. As posted, these rides are for Learners to gain road time before their tests, some nights are slower than others, depending on the ride route and which riders turn up, if you want to do high jinks or the ride is too slow for you, Please leave at an appropriate place i.e. road junction, traffic lights etc. When you leave, Please make sure that you have been seen waving that you aren't continuing on the ride, if someone follows you, Please stop and let them know what you are doing, so that they have time to rejoin the ride.
    8. If you are coming along to show off or piss fart around - then Piss off, take your friends and do your own ride.
    9. All are welcome as long as they are prepared to behave and enjoy the ride for what it is.
    10. Don't pass the ride leader unless you are a CM! (CM - Corner Marker)

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    Best I can do to describe the issue is this.

    But now it's a bit more like this
    BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-R-R-r-r-r-r-r-, shift



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      In for meet point and/or pub given this most auspicious occasion. I'll bring my monocle.


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        Yeh I'll be there
        Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly...


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          Should be in pending work. See which day it ends up being.


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            Originally posted by marvin View Post
            Yeh I'll be there
            Same. Emm is dying to hang out with Bella
            Rest in Peace
            Brother Ryad


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              In fo tuesday. For the mammories...
              yes, i am ignorant
              yes, i am a prick
              no, i don't care
              you make me sick


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                In for meet point or pub if it's wets

       - - -


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                  In for sure


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                    Stupid work

                    Have fun all
                    Originally posted by deano68er
                    Originally posted by Sudu
                    Enough to make ya hard


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                      Will see how I go for time. Might have to just be a little Immoral instead!


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                        It's been a long time, I'm in if it's dry and if someone is happy to shadow me (R learner, Alexander Heights)
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                          I'm keen on the famed occasion.In.
                          Only motorcyclists know why dogs stick their heads out the window.


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                            Originally posted by DQ View Post
                            Same. Emm is dying to hang out with Bella
                            So cute
                            Don't ride faster than your guardian angel can fly...


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                              Would like to join for this special occasion, if can get R shadow from Maylands pl0x.
                              In return for your time, I can offer some form of liquor, sustenance, and racing juice.
                              look where you want to go~