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Anyone interested in doing a FarRiders ride in June?

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  • Country Anyone interested in doing a FarRiders ride in June?

    Hey guys,

    On Saturday, 23rd of June, there's a FarRiders ride in WA, to Perenjori. For those that haven't heard of them, FarRiders are riders who like to clock up huge kms. The purpose of these rides is to do 1,000km in 24 hours, and to meet at the designated meet point for lunch and verification. I tried to do one in Victoria, to South Australia a few years ago, but got a puncture in the middle of nowhere with no repair kit, so had to bail. I've done 1,000km+ in one day before, from Nullabor Village to Adelaide, so I'm not a complete noob at this kind of thing.

    I'm quite keen on joining this one. I've worked out that a loop from Perth, to Brookton, then north to Perenjori, then to Dongara and back along the coast to Perth could complete a 1,000km loop, but am definitely open to suggestions on better routes. Is there anyone on here interested in doing such a ride as well? I think for these sorts of rides, it's better to ride with other people, as things can easily go wrong, and there's someone there to help.

    This is the info for the ride: (click View next to the WA one). You need to register on their page but it's free. If anyone is keen to do it with me, let me know and we can organise a meet point and time for the day.

    Cheers, Tom

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    Perth to Bremer Bay via Dwellingup return is +1000 and take your flicky and catch some herring at the lunch stop.
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      If I still have me bike I’d be interested. And if time allows
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        I’d be interested mate. Did the last ironbutt on a 125 so I might have to bring something fancier this time.
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          Yup. I’m in for this. My Farrider number is 15
          Been a few years since I’ve done one


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            Cool. A couple of people interested. I'll bump the thread closer to the date and we can organise a meet point.


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              Yep I’m bloody keen as on this if I don’t have my license (open class) or haven’t sold my bike is anyone able to shadow me please?
              Born to ride forced to work


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                Would be keen but the date will probably rule me out.
                I’m doing two Ironbutt 1600s the week before so will probably be a bit sick of riding by then.

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