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    8) Howdy All > Thought I'd post this early so maybe more will be able to show. Usual 300 to 400 km run heading South...rain or shine. Meet up BP South Perth Mill point rd next to Windsor hotel 9am leaving at 9.30am. Ride in your comfort zone we wait at every major road. Wear the RIGHT gear... Cheers
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    Go at it again, this time down south. :twisted:
    Had a talk to some of the 250 rides over the weekend and hope they will also come out
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    But you can't please all the people all the time.


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      Cmon all you 2fiddy's we had one on our last trip and i think his smile is still touching his ears I'll try and get there Warp Speed 8)


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        Ill be there. More the merrier.



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          i might just add my 2 cents worth.....

          While I have nothing againts country runs and I'm know that alot of people will infact benifit from them,My concern is that some riders ( i guess I would be pointing at the younger 250 riders ) may not realise there limits untill their picking their bikes up ( If their lucky )

          Do wanna be a killjoy but please remember that you can be caught out very quickly by either a dozy driver,shit on the road,conering too fast for you/bikes abilities or any other hazard that may crop up.....


          Do I get any change from my 2 cents ???


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            Damn lack of experience.

            I'm with you on that. talking from experience myself. Drive Safe!
            I had to pick up my blade from all the ruble last year september cause i got caught out on a corner. Due to my lack of experience and knowledge of riding i went wide and hit the dirt. slid for about 20m and got up okay. The left fairing was damaged as well as the crank cover. i was lucky. almost hit this big bulder and this tree. I had oggy knobs but they don't help out in gravel.
            Anywayz take it easy and it's not a race coarse either. Waneroo race coarse is there for that purpose.
            Not sure if i can make it, but i am planing to. If i can't have a good ride guys.

            My 2c worth



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              Do wanna be a killjoy but please remember that you can be caught out very quickly by either a dozy driver,shit on the road,conering too fast for you/bikes abilities or any other hazard that may crop up.....  

              Yep Good call Gordo but as masda74 said
              . Due to my lack of experience and knowledge of riding i went wide and hit the dirt.
              The reason we can get into trouble is us not our bikes. It is when we outride our bikes capability we get in the Manure.

              On Calvins last country ride we had 3 distinct groups.
              1) Calvin and Gohan going hard
              2) Warp Speed, Marken, Helen & myself Pushing it a bit but Leaving a safety margin.
              3) The New Guy on the cbr2rr (sorry forgotten your name)

              If more 2fiddys came, along with the 6Hungies and the less experienced riders like myself I feel it would be easier to find your own pace folowing people and seeing where the road goes. Getting tips and quizzing peoples thoughts.

              I feel i have learn't more on my bike in the last few months riding on the country runs, than riding in peak hour traffic over the last few years, I feel more confident. In my riding ability and that of the bike.

              I must reinforce to everyone that there is no pressure to perform, win, go the fastest or be the best on these runs. I brought up the rear on my first run and was proud of the fact that i was able to ride within my own limits and not be sucked into the racing mentality. The 3 guys on the run with me Warp Speed, Calvin & Boxhead congradulated me for riding to my limits and not theirs or anyone elses.

              It is all about enjoyment, learning and riding it should always be about the riding. 8)

              Do I get any change from my 2 cents ???
              I'll call your 2c and raise ya 2


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                Ill either have a new job or Hewies bike by the weekend... :twisted:

                If i get the bike then i would love to join you guys this saturday! Its about time i make a run with you guys... So any other 2fiddy kids wanna come and keep me company at the back?
                The circus is calling...


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                  I won't be able to make it AGAIN :!:

                  I'm moving this weekend... Man, if I'm not working, something else has to take up my weekend :x

                  One of these dayz I'll be able to do a country run, c if I still have it!

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                    shame i work so many weekends ive never been on a country run with you guys and when i dont work i finish like at 2or 3 in the morning and then not enough sleep before the runs on
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                      alright guys i'll take up the 250 challenge. I'll make sure no one falls behind (well if they're behind me they probably stopped ). never done a country run , the coast run last sunday was the furthest out of my suburb i've ridden :oops: . But i know the best way to learn is to get out there and practice. so i'll see you guys there
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                        Well said Wrex. I will give you some equations that might help. Experience comes from practise. Confidence comes from knowlege of your own ability . A fool rider never learns from his/her own mistakes - a wise rider always learns from other's mistakes. Mix with wise riders and you will become one. Mix with riders that won't push you out of your comfort zone. Remember the bikes most of you have AREN'T commuter bikes - they are SPORT bikes. I suggest trading your bike in on a scooter if all you ever do is ride it in the city. Sorry Gordo I know you like to mother these people...but tough love is the way. :twisted:
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                          Warp Speed I don't have any intentions of "mothering anyone" so perhaps you might wanna think before typing shite

                          I also don't get any pleasure from hearing about riders going down whether their on 2 fiddys or bigger.

                          In the time I have been reading the forum a few people have destroyed thier bikes and in some cases themselves on country runs.. I'm not against country runs I just don't wanna see inexperienced people feeling they have to try and keep up and ending up broken..... Injuries sustained this way can fuck up young lives forever.

                          regardless of what people say human nature will hinder judgement because some people will always try not be last....

                          There are knobs out there who try to impress and draw others along.

                          On closing I do have a son that rides with the forum so perhaps I might be guilty of "fathering" him but that's my job.I don't think thats a fault do you ?


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                            :cry: well ill be missing out this time too, and for the next week or so, im having another op on my knee and getting the screw taken out :cry:

                            we dont want people to be scared off country rides, because it is a good place to learn and practice riding your bike, YES beleive it or not you can learn lots about you and your bike without riding at 100%, just go out there and practise the basics at a safe pace and within your limits, leave the fast stuff to the experienced guys/gals who can correct a fuck up at speed because they have the experience to do so!
                            KNOWBODY gets left behind on these rides, not even the 250,s L,s, everyone will wait for ya, and give you a chance to rest and rehydrate, and from when ive gone on these rides nobody ever judges you for comming last...EVER :!:
                            My 2c worth with 50c cone

                            enjoy your day guys, and stay upright


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                              Hey Warp,

                              I will be there too, give my new tinted windscreen and plugged tyre a workout :? .

                              Will PM you if something comes up at the last minute.

                              See you guys there with digi cam in hand
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