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    I refer to the post in relation to the Motorcyclists First Aid Course and advise that although many people advised their keen intention to attend the course I am now left holding the bag having received a grand total of ONE cheque (thanks Gonz1) to St Johns as payment.

    As I am not prepared to today pay St Johns $1,916.50 of my own doe in the hope that I may receive more cheques from those who said they wanted to attend, I have cancelled the course accordingly.

    If anyone would like to administer and arrange this event at a later time themselves, they can contact me and I will happily hand over the file.

    I appeal to anyone who rides motorbikes to use their own initiative and book in to do a first aid course with St John soon.

    Thank you to Gonz1 for doing the righty. I will return your money order to you in tonight’s mail.


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    F^%k sorry Deej!!

    With all the kafufle (always wanted to use that word) over the last month in swapping jobs, bikes and girl issues i completely forgot all about it!!

    Your a champ for tryin though!

    The circus is calling...


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      My apologies also Deej.

      I actually completely forgot about the course after the plebs at Midland Licencing stuffed my licence test up and delayed it by 3 weeks.

      Thanks for the effort put in tho.
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        Fuck, I've been wondering if I sent mine or not, I couldn't find it in either car, my room or work so I figured I sent it..

        Sorry deej

        Hope I've got that money order stub laying around at home so I can cancel it for a refund!
        mmmmm sacrilicious


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          FUCK ME :!: :evil:
          thats piss poor, ive even had plennty of first aid training with work yet i was doing it to support the organiser, PSB and its users!
          this is not very encouraging to an event organiser using this forum to do it when this happens, have some consideration for the organiser who could have spent his time doing fuck all for us all :cry:

          i mean, its not like it would have saved our lives or anything :shock:


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            That is a piss poor effort, If you have no intention on going then don't say you are.
            It's time consuming enough to organise an event of any sort just to find that all you got is people that are gunnas ( gunna do this gunna do that)


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              mmm average .... very average
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              Some say he only showers on even days of the week

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                Tisk Tisk people.... come on Deej isn't here for everyone's amusement.....

                He organizes events to help his fellow riders, and give us all something to participate in.....

                Next time Deej, someone may want to organize it again.... Great idea though it should be done or atleast people should do their own coarse....
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                  Someone may want to organize it again.... Great idea though it should be done or atleast people should do their own coarse....
                  Someone does. Anyone who is interested PM me.

                  Sorry bout being late n letting u down deej. Your efforts are very much appreciated.