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(small) Sun 8th Feb Dwellingup ride - 250's

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  • (small) Sun 8th Feb Dwellingup ride - 250's

    A WARiders posted ride, reply here if you're confirmed to come, PM me if you have any questions.

    Date: Sun 8th Feb
    Time: 8:15am meet, 8:30am depart. End ~12noon.
    From: BP Armadale, corner Armadale Rd, Albany Highway.
    Trip: via backroads to stop at Millhouse Cafe in Dwellingup (riders 10% discount), End at Jarrahdale Shell via more off-highway roads.
    Distance/Fuel: top up at BP trip start, plenty of fuel stops, no shortage of fuel on one tank to do the trip on a 250 with "enthusiastic" throttle.
    Lead/Pace: Me leading (in a sense), each to their own pace, everyone bunches up at the T junctions (no one gets lost).
    Misc: I'm NOR, northies can meet me 7:40am for 7:45am depart from Tuart Hill McDonalds (corner Karrinyup Rd & Wanneroo Rd) to ride to the trip start (via Morley Dve, Tonkin, Roe, Albany Hwy).

    Its a great ride of twisties, some top speed sweepers, good roads, I've done it a several times now and it gets better each time.

    There is a bigger 600km+ ride happening, but suited to big bikes only (fuel range).

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    hey Eldavo! see ya at maccas bright and early :shock:
    Some people are alive only because it's illegal to kill them!!!


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      Gotta take a friend to the airport that day :cry:


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        kool. gives me a chance to test out my new brake pads eh! hahaha. i'll b at tuart hill macca's if i can drag me arse outta bed at WOT??? 7:40AM meet. on a SUNDAY. oh well. GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!


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          cooooooooooooool, if I can get out of bed that early I will be at Tuart maccas as well, hey might even grab a big breeky while I am waiting.
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          2, Always know what you're doing
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            :cry: :cry:

            My bike is in for repairs so i wont be able to make it!! :evil: Wont have it back til mid to late next week.

            Have fun guys!!

            The circus is calling...


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              For anyone that wakes up late, SMS me 0438 ELDAVO and I can give you options on where to catch up. It would be along the South West Hwy, and most probably the corner of Del Park Rd. and South West Highway (a white/blue brandless servo with a funny name "Foolies" or something).

              Prevention is better than cure, so put all your alarms on, tell your mum to wake you up, and if you need a wake up call, PM me ur number.

              I don't know what a McDonalds breakfast costs, these days, i'm sure its cheaper, but I don't do this every week and its a nice treat, the Millhouse Cafe Breakfast includes:
              - Sausages
              - Bacon
              - Tomato
              - Mushrooms
              - Poached eggs (scrambled recommended instead)
              - Toast
              for $15.60 (~$14 with rider discount)

              For a lighter alternative, I can also recommend the ham and cheese croissant ($5.60 or $7.60 depends if you're lucky or not or the serving of scones with jam and cream ($5.60, ask for thickened cream instead of whipped).

              Damn I'm hungry now...

              Gpx_gal - thats just not cricket, i'd be finding a new friend


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                Hey I am keen! I will be at maccas nice and early for a spin! :twisted:

                How many riders do you think there will be?

                GPX Gal try and get someone else to take your friend the more numbers the better


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                  yep, more the merrier. I hope gpxgal's "friend" isn't really Jesus, and is skipping the ride to go to a sunday sermon? She does talk about angels...

                  attendees are whoever confirms here (and then wakes up on the day) is how many there will be.

                  an RGV250 and ZZR250 may attend, but the RGV is yet to resolve an overheating problem, so they're still unconfirmed.

                  If anyone has a 256MB SD or MMC card they can lend me for the day, I'll make the effort to setup my camera and test it out tomorrow. Mine is still in transit from an ebay purchase.



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                    GPX Gal try and get someone else to take your friend the more numbers the better
                    A promise is a promise, even if it does prevent me from riding :?

                    I hope gpxgal's "friend" isn't really Jesus, and is skipping the ride to go to a sunday sermon? She does talk about angels...
                    Well I am sweet and innocent ......


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                      fair enough thats what friends are for!


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                        if anyone is willing to pillion me then im willing to wake up at 3am if i have to
                        this looks more painful than being a mexicans ass sphincter

                        the doctor said i wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if i kept my finger out of there.


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                          7:40 eh? K I'll be there.
                          C'mon GPX_Gal we are counting on ya.
                          Fast, cheap & reliable ... pick any two.


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                            nice, the count so far is:

                            CBR250 (R or RR?)
                            ZR250 (me)
                            ... and ZX6R!

                            Thanks to XooM, any Kawasaki vs Honda showdown should go Kawasaki's way Maybe XooM can take Ralph pillion as a handicap



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                              maybe the ZX9R will come to
                              nnaaaaaaa doubt id be out of bed that early
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