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Weekend Run Roundup Feb 7/8

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  • Weekend Run Roundup Feb 7/8

    Howdy All > and what alot of fun that was. I racked up 700kms this weekend on two great rides. Saturday was awesome with 11 bikes with all classes represented...from Ace's 250RR and all others up to the big Hayabusa. Those twisties even out the playing field don't they?Saw some real anxious faces wondering if it was Ace about to pass 'em. Many of us are glad he isn't on a 600 ...YET. A WARNING on O'Briens road ...a local hobby farmer is playing policeman and is trying to get Rego's to give to Police. The local cops(riders themselves) reckon he is a pain in the arse. They have to respond (Token) to his incessant whining on us bikers using a PUBLIC road On Sunday they were out there and let a young 250 rider who was riding out of class off. A large amount of Honky nuts were on a corner Sunday that weren't there Saturday. This guy is anti-biker deluxe so he may have dumped a beware as one guy came down Sunday after sliding through them (not hurt). Sunday was a treat. What I thought would be a handful of bikes turned into 30+ for Boxheads run up the coast. What a treat to see the Grandmaster up close and personal with an exhibition of highway excellence...not since the legendary CHUNK hung up his stunting desert boots have I personally witnessed such style. Luv your work!!! A big sorry to Madmax's neighbours for rattling the crockery with 30 bikes revving up his street. Daise your courage for being my pillion never ceases to amaze me. Next Saturdays run will be round 200 kms ( end at scabs) as Calvin has a ride Sunday to post :twisted:
    Honda is No 1
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    gday warpspeed-- was worth the wait at MADMAX house we didnt think anyone was going to show up 11-30 12-30 .
    but ha 2 see all you guys rock up was great 30+bikes. hope someone took photos.

    anyway had a great fun day see u all next ride
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:



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      yes it was a great day for it too, a great turn out good to see!
      i amazed myself with some nice BP height once i master the gear change ill be on my way to the great stand up!
      i was spewing to leave you all at yanchep but i had to come home, but the guys i bought along had a ball and will be looking forward to the country runs with warpie, boxhead and calvin!

      BIG IT UP