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Tasy was great & so was da Great Ocean Roa.

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  • Tasy was great & so was da Great Ocean Roa.

    The roads were great in tasy, although some of them had a bit of gravel on them, Particularly great was the road out of Queenstown up the mountain towards Hobart, I would have taken a photo but was 2 buzy ridin, Don't know what those car lovers were on about, the road was good but didn't see any vomit on the side of the road, pussy's.

    The east coast was good and better than the west coat in patches especially around St Mary's, St Hellens and across from St Hellens throught George town to Launceston.

    Stayed at Torque near melbourne (start of the Great Ocean Road) last nite, got up early and set off on that great road, had a ball, the sights were good but the road was better. It was nice and twisty 4 about 100k's give or take, One thing that this trip has tought me is that now I know why the bike boots have steel on them, it's cause when you go around great corners and lay yr bike right over , you only grind off teh metal and not the boot, now I'll have to get some new boots as the ones that I have (3 weeks old) have the side worn out.

    Travelled 956k's today and got booked once although it's good that the states arn't linked so it's only a fine and no points (yeh!!!). Am staying in a YHA in the ctr of Adelaide to nite, so I will see if I can do better tomorrow.

    Back in a couple of days.

    BB. :twisted: