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Ride to Adelaide anyone?

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  • Ride to Adelaide anyone?

    I'm heading over to Adelaide some time in the next few weeks, staying for about a week. Is anyone interested in riding with me?

    The dates aren't fixed as yet so there's heaps of movement in regards to when we leave, how long we stay, etc. etc. I want to do it soonish though before the crap weather sets in.

    If you're interested PM me or post here and we can have a chat.

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    Just out of interest, how long would it take to get there? how many ks?

    Unless it could be done in a weekend i would never be able to make it.

    Goodluck with the journey though dude. Ill be makin a cross country trip sometime in the distant future.

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      Its about 2700 Kms, taking it easy i'm allowing 4 days so that i can stop here and there along the way and don't have to break any land speed records or my neck.

      I'm planning on averaging about 700Kms per day which will give me heaps of rest time.

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        Just out of interest, how long would it take to get there? how many ks?
        It used to be 2815kms but the roads have changed since I did it last.
        I did it in January '87 on a CB1100F in 24 hours. Took it easy on the way back as I was with another rider. Came back in around 30 hours from memory. A mate of my Dad's used to drive his Commodore across a couple of times a year and also took 24 hours but he had gas and petrol so could go well over 1000kms without stopping.


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          Would definately be interested but it would be painfull as hell on my 250. When I get my bigger bike towards the end of the year a road trip is on the cards for sure......

          Philip island next year anyone?
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            Kimba, home of the big gallah
            I expect to see photos of bike + gallah when you get back
            I'd come but no licence yet + full-time work make that very unlikely.


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              Philip island next year anyone?

              I AM THERE BABY
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