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ride to cape york.

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  • ride to cape york.

    just to let people know that several of the PE boys are looking at doing a ride from Cairns to Cape York. Its being considered for this time in 2006. 2 years away so heaps of time to save up for it , it will be around 3 grand for the hire of the bikes and food and accomadation for the trip. it will be a 6 day ride up with a flight back from the cape. we are looking at 2 days in Cairns then do the ride and then 2 more days in Cairns before we fly home. A total of 10days all up. all up with flights and fun in cairns i reckon you could do it for under 6 grand. anyone interested in doing it should start saving now as we'll pay a deposit in around 6-8 mnths.
    i think it's be a good trip......up to you if your keen

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    Thats a farking awesome idea Tex.

    Hell yeah. I'll be in on that.

    *pulls out piggy bank*
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      is this the dirtbike ride as seen on this site ??? i've always thought it would be a good idea to do a proper trip on a bike, will definitely consider it. :?: :?: :?:


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        i will be there just as soon as jarrid pays for me............ please?